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EliplehalDate: CUMARTESİ, 13-Jul-2013, 0:28 AM | Message # 1
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Future proofing isn't really going to be as big a factor as you think to be honest. By the time you find a game that requires 4gb of ram to run 1080p, the 670 architecture is going to be so out dated that having the 4gb of vram wont make it any more playable than only having the 2gb version.
but i got asked if i would prefer the GTX 680 with 2gb or grapping a GTX 670 with 4gb or memory when i play games. bcs when they look at me i got a GTX 680 2gb myself and i don't play games like BF3 and Skyrim bcs that's not me, i just want my games to have good quality.
锘縂TX 680 2GB vs GTX 670 4GB what to get for 1080p

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