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ugg shoes sale SOUTHFIELD, Mich.-- Before the effects were known, the best news for Mitt Romney may have been the estimated proportion of Michigan GOP primary voters who were registered Republicans: 68 percent, as outlined by Saul Azunis, the state party chairman.Independents, who had been allowed to vote from the Republican primary, have tended to favor John McCain, nonetheless they were apparently not enough for the Arizona senator to overcome Romney's advantage among the party faithful.Romney won handily within the night's final count, defeating McCain, his nearest opponent, 39 to Thirty percent. Mike Huckabee placed a distant third with 16 percent of the vote."Only a week ago, a victory looked like it was impossible, however you got out and told America what you needed to hear," Romney said as they took the stage to get a victory speech around 9:15 p.m. in the Embassy Suites, before a large group of well-dressed attendees holding wineglasses and beer bottles wrapped in cocktail napkins. "Tonight can be a victory of optimism over Washington-style pessimism."The win in Michigan gives Romney his first high-profile victory of 2008 and extremely likely revives his candidacy, which have faltered earlier this month in Iowa and New Hampshire. It also turns the thing that was already a complex Republican race into a free-for-all resembling a Jackson Pollock painting. The sector is splattered.Romney won here via a careful combination of heavy advertising, native son rhetoric--Romney was born and raised in Michigan, with his fantastic father served for six years as governor within the 1960s--and a doggedly optimistic message in regards to the future of the state's economy. At campaign stops in the days before the election, Romney received emphatic applause for his contention that Washington and excessive federal regulation were accountable for the woes from the auto industry and also the state's unemployment rate. Younger crowd succeeded in framing a change of spirit between himself and McCain, whom he portrayed being pessimistic about the Michigan economy.Exit polls confirmed that Romney's strategy paid ample dividends for that former CEO. Fifty-five percent of voters Tuesday said the economy was their top issue, and they voted overwhelmingly in Romney's favor. Likewise, 42 percent cited Romney's ties to Michigan as either "very important" or "somewhat important" to them. They voted for Romney by greater than a 3-to-1 margin over McCain.Romney also drew strong support in the state's religious base, which voted for Huckabee, a Baptist minister and the winner of the Iowa caucuses, in weaker numbers than many had predicted. Weekly churchgoers, accounting for nearly half of Michigan GOP primary voters, gave Romney a 12-point edge on Huckabee. (Huckabee won narrowly among voters who said they attended church more often than once a week.)To illustrate Romney's backing from religious conservatives, Rep. Pete Hoekstra, a Republican from Michigan's far-west Second District, held out his right-hand to a reporter and offered it a map."We are here," he explained, pointing to his thumb, representing the Detroit area, including suburban Southfield. "And I represent this part"--he pointed on the left side of his palm--"which is God's country." Things looked "pretty good" there for Romney, he stated.In a speech in Sc, where McCain had arrived earlier within the day, the Arizona senator congratulated Romney and joked aloud: "I thought this campaign might be getting easier. But you know what? We've gotten pretty good at doing things the tough way too. And I think we've shown them, we do not mind a fight."In the possible lack of a clear front-runner, a protracted dogfight for delegates and the party's eventual nomination now appears likelier. After Tuesday, three candidates--Romney, McCain, and Huckabee--have one high-profile win each. The Structured primaries and the Nevada caucuses now loom beingshown to people there: They will be held this Saturday. Huckabee is countingon South Carolina's evangelicals to boost his candidacy; McCain, who says that he has learned from his loss there to George W. Bush in 2000, is leading their state in recent polls.Asked how Romney's aggressive economic message would fare in states which have sometimes absorbed the jobs that Michigan has shed, Romney spokesperson Eric Fehrnstrom said, "South Carolina has also suffered job loss which is worried about the future contributing to paychecks."Two other Republican candidates--Fred Thompson and Rudy Giuliani--received an important boost from last night's outcome. The fluidity of the race bodes well for both candidates' respective strategies. Giuliani, who chose never to seriously compete noisy . contests, has focused nearly all of his resources on winning the January 29 primary in Florida. Thompson states that he must perform well Saturday in South Carolina.By Kent Garber ugg official NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- U.S. stocks fell sharply Thursday, with all the Dow industrials sliding over 240 points, after Exxon Mobil's worse-than-expected earnings and ongoing trouble in the financial sector sobered the market after the euphoria with the Federal Reserve's rate cut. "The morning after <a>Fed announcement] is usually a rough ride," said Art Hogan, chief market strategist at Jefferies & Co. "As starting to get concerned about the non-farm payroll number on Friday, the reality that the Fed might be done cutting rates is setting in."The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 240 points, or 1.7%, at 13,689 during the early action, as 26 of the company's 30 components fell, led lower by Exxon Mobil and financials stocks, such as JP Morgan Chase , American Express , and AIG .Citigroup slid 7.6% after being downgraded to sector underperformer from sector performer at CIBC World Markets, which cited potential worries about its dividend payments.And Credit Suisse reported a 31% drop in third-quarter net profit after the credit-market crisis wiped around 2.2 billion francs ($1.9 billion) from the value of its mortgage book and leveraged-loan commitments. The S&P 500 index lost 1.5% to 1,526, while the Nasdaq Composite fell 38 points to 2,820.Trading volumes showed 215 million shares exchanging on the job the New York Stock Exchange and 317 million trading around the Nasdaq stock market. Declining issues topped gainers 25 to three on the New York Stock Exchange and 21 to 4 on Nasdaq.Exxon Mobil fell 2.8% after saying third-quarter income fell 10% because rising cost of oil boosted expenses and outpaced any price increases the petroleum giant could get for its products. Crude futures, already at electronic-trading intraday records, breached $96 a barrel Thursday, continuing to rally on news that U.S. inventories dropped over expected, as well as a weakened dollar within the wake of the Fed's interest-rate cut.Crude for December delivery climbed up to $96.24 recently in electronic trading. Anything was last up 69 cents at $95.22 a barrel. Sky-high crude costs are "definitely an issue for us," Hogan said. "We're beginning to get to that tipping point where people are starting to realize that it is not only inflationary, but it's needs to hurt corporate profits."The Fed and also the economyStocks closed with monthly gains Wednesday following the Federal Reserve cut rates by a quarter point, offering Wall Street the thing it had been clamoring for. The Fed's comments, however, left some disappointed, as the central bank signaled no immediate requirement of further cuts by emphasizing that inflation risks balanced out risks to economic growth.The marketplace now turns towards the all-important October jobs set of Friday for further clues around the economy and monetary policy.In advance of this, the Labor Department reported Thursday that jobless claims dropped with their lowest level in 21 days during the week ended Oct. 27, down 6,000 to 327,000, while the number of workers still claim unemployment benefits rose to its highest level by 50 % months. Meanwhile, the manufacturing sector slowed for that fourth straight month in October, the Institute for Supply Management said. The ISM's index fell to 50.9% from 52% in September. Economists surveyed by MarketWatch expected a dip to 51.5%. Readings below 50% would signal contraction from the sector.Other marketsTreasurys rallied following your data, also helped by the weakness in stocks. The benchmark 10-year Treasury bond gained 29/32 to 103 3/32, yielding 4.359%.The dollar, still buoyed by reduced expectations that the Fed will cut rates in the years ahead, gained 0.4%.An increasing dollar, meanwhile, acquired some steam from dollar-denominated commodities including crude and gold, using the December gold futures contract losing $7.20 to $788.10 an oz. By Nick Godt cardy uggs on sale This column was written by Marc Cooper. I drove 227 miles on Thursday to acquire from Council Bluffs to the hamlet of Hampton as a way to catch an "Ask Mitt Anything" park and fly with Mitt Romney. Inside a flyspeck of a northern Iowa town the place that the only two eateries were a Hardee's along with a Subway, Romney drew a bank basement crowd of about 50 — all-white and decidedly elderly, i.e. an incredibly representative cross-cut of the Iowa GOP electorate. Anyway, please remind me to refrain from doing that again! I am not really complaining. I readily confess that having the capacity to cover any portion of a presidential campaign can be a privilege and a treat. But, damn, it's tough to take some of this very seriously. The BS factor is heavy in nearly every event of any candidate. But Mitt Romney is in some special category of his own. I had trouble believing that anybody because room could believe anything he stated. Tanned, wonderfully dressed, tall, and enviably fit to get a 60 year old, Mitt is removed as too slick by one-half. Someone once said he ought to learn to stammer a bit more, in the posed method of, say, a Bill Clinton. Not Mitt. He doesn't botch one word as he delivers one rehearsed graph after another. I'll save you the rhetoric and cut to his main point: "STRENGTH." A Strong Military. A Strong Economy. Strong Families. A robust America. Strong. Strong. Strong. Got the purpose? But the shamelessness factor was sort of out of control. He's the guy to bring "change" to Washington, but his stump speech omits any single policy matter on what he differs from Bush. He asks us to thank Bush for keeping us safe going back six years and quickly scans the blogosphere of his strategy to praise the rough treatments for detainees at Gitmo. No cheers for anyone ideas, not even in the loyal Republicans inside the room. If elected, he states, he would work closely with Democrats by "lowering the rhetoric" however chides Hillary Clinton for a recent call by her for further emphasis on community needs. "It's out with Adam Smith and in with Karl Marx," Romney proclaimed for an audience that did actually draw a blank on references. And as from what he called the Democratic intend to impose"government-run" health care, he said: "I don't want the guys who ran Katrina running our overall health care." Neither does anybody else. Which is one reason those guys — the Republicans — are extremely likely to lose the following election. When mentioned his background, Romney had the chutzpah to say: "I come out of the private sector. I've only been in politics for four years." His father, the thing is that, "was in the automobile business." Well, yes, George Romney was CEO of American Motors. And, um, he seemed to be elected Governor of Michigan three times and also ran for President of america if memory serves me. So in addition to that, yes, his son has has almost no exposure to politics apart from his own tenure as Governor of Massachusetts. The good news: when asked by a wingnut if he supported the 10th Amendment guaranteeing states' rights, Romney went exit a limb by affirming: "I support all of the amendments." Cool. The lemonade served was tart and cold along with the oatmeal cookies were soft and tasty. The audience was polite and courteous from the best tradition of Iowa Nice. But such as this reporter, they seemed rather underwhelmed by it all. Most of Mitt's applause lines fell flat with the exception of the outburst of approval he harvested for supporting teenage celibacy. OK. Romney's spending big money on Saturday's Iowa GOP Straw Poll in which he's the easy favorite. Latest statewide opinion surveys show him running first inside the state with about 26 % support among Republicans. That puts him four points behind "undecided" among probable Iowa Republican caucus goers. Mention general underwhelm-ment! No mystery in those stats. Like every of his GOP rivals, Romney still can't figure out what he's offering except four more a lot of what 7 away from 10 Americans now reject. No easy task even for a smart aleck like Mitt.By Marc Cooper Reprinted with permission in the The Nation ugg scarves This story was written by Kevin Cirilli, Daily Collegian Have you been to a party when you hoped a certain kid wouldn't appear? He or she is annoying, rowdy and, despite the fact that no one likes them, you have still got to act civil. The doorbell rang in Beijing the other day and in walked George W. Bush. As President Bush looked at his binoculars in the Olympic opening ceremonies, you can only imagine what he was ready for. Perhaps he sought out a souvenir stand to get Dick Cheney a Chinese lantern, or maybe the women's beach volleyball team. While China could possibly have succeeded in creating a grand optical illusion for the world, displaying their traditional past and technological future, it was becoming clear that President Bush was looking beyond the fun and games. Pundits have debated whether Bush must have even showed up in Beijing. In regards to human rights, China promised to completely clean up its act. While China celebrated that Bush would not boycottthe games, his rightfully rowdy behavior caused nearly as much of a headache for that Chinese as if he'd stayed home. Via Air Force One, the cowboy galloped into China, talking smack on the Chinese government. He told reporters that "trusting their those with greater freedom is important for China to achieve its full potential," a definite nudge for China to embrace democratic ideas. Together with cheering on United states of america swimmer Michael Phelps, the always-religious president even attended mass. "No state, man or woman should fear the influence of loving religion," he told reporters, a criticism of China's strict religious restrictions. The United States' relationship with China is more complicated than working out how Clay Aiken became a father. For economic reasons, america has not been fully able to denounce China for its human rights. Thus, Bush has balanced criticism with praise when commenting for the Asian superpower. But it wasn't information on China. With the Georgia and Russia conflict growing overseas, America continues to be forced to take sides. America needs Russian support in dealing its northern border Korea and Iran, and also needs to protect Georgia. How come Georgia, a country less space-consuming than Rhode Island, even matter? Slicing through Georgia is a crucial pipeline, providing oil for The european union. If the pipeline deteriorates, it's going to cause a global boost in oil prices. Trained by U.S. Special Forces, Georgia has provided more troops in Iraq than some other nation besides Britain and America, according to NBC News. In an interview with NBC News, Bush labeled Russia's response to the escalating conflict as "disproportionate and dangerous." Putin fired back: "It's a pity that a lot of our partners instead of helping have been trying to get in the way." After awkwardly brushing elbows in Beijing, it appears these two party crashers will stay away from each other. China's rising power and also the Georgia/Russian conflict provided proof to Americans that global tension has been escalating. Through his binoculars, perhaps President Bush continued trying to find Iraq's W.M.D.'s. Maybe he stared at Chinese President Hu Jintao and wondered where did they managed to emerge because rising global superpower. He or she have spotted Vladimir Putin and pondered the potential for Moscow controlling a portion of Western oil, and perhaps he felt regret to increase our addiction to foreign oil in his presidency. As the German national team marched in, maybe he wondered how Sen. Obama drew a crowd of 200,000, as his approval rating continues to remain in the gutter. When President George W. Bush turned up at the world's biggest party, Russia and China's greeting to him was colder when compared to a Moscow winter. Can you honestly blame them? Regardless of what he was looking atthrough his binoculars, the lonesome cowboy won't be looking out for America considerably longer. It's exciting to think about who will be looking out for America next time. And even more, what the world will think after they stare back. ugg shop cheshire oaks Dotty Lynch is the Senior Political Editor for CBS News. E-mail questions and comments to Political Points Remember when your mother used to tell you not to discuss politics or religion in the dinner table? For the past fourteen days not only were politics and religion the dominant issues on the national dinner plate but politics and religion infused with ugly raw emotion, political grandstanding, probably the most dire of charges and counter-charges. Now the life that had turn into a political football plus a media free-for-all is over. But Terry Schiavo's death -- which one hoped would bring peace and resolution -- sparked even more vitriol from spiritual leaders, politicians as well as the people she loved essentially the most, her family. The opposing sides kept the fashion going all day. Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, head of the Vatican's office for sainthood, referred to as the removal of the feeding tube "an attack against God." House Republican leader Tom DeLay blasted an "out-of-control judiciary" and said "the time can come for the men responsible for this to answer for behavior." Democrat Ted Kennedy shot back that Delay's comments were "irresponsible and reprehensible" and declared "at a time when emotions are running high, Mr. DeLay must make clear that he is not advocating violence against anyone." But most likely the most heartbreaking moment during the day was the news that minutes before Schiavo's death a fight broke out in her hospital room between her brother, Bobby Schindler plus a law enforcement officer over whether he could be in the room when his sister died. Virtually everyone in this case has strong unequivocal opinions and has chosen sides. Some Catholic moral theologians were a lttle bit taken aback when the Pope waded into the case a year ago proclaiming that food and water, even artificially provided nutrition and fluids, were normal means instead of medical acts and, therefore, morally obligatory. Rev John Parris, a bio-ethicist from Boston College, contrasted last year's statement with "the Vatican's position, which was formulated out of a 400-year Catholic tradition summarized in 1980 within an official declaration on euthanasia by the Vatican, which stated that particular may legitimately remove any treatment that proves overly burdensome, along with the removal was not suicide, nevertheless the acceptance of the human condition." He suggested that this Pope's statement would ultimately be reconciled with all the historical analysis. But both sides, once again, picked a common theological argument and ran from it. But in the midst of all heat and the forward and backward on the theological, legal, political issues, finally some light.University of Dayton theologian Teresa Lysaught wrote in an opinion piece the crucial moral issue this is actually the "dynamic of family brokenness." She conceded there were valid questions about the "utilitarian attitude toward the dignity of certain lives" but asked "How would the Schiavo case look different if your religious lobby recognized that what is at stake at the moral center of the case is not an unswerving dedication to the sanctity of life however the disastrous brokenness and enmity between individuals her family, the people she loved essentially the most." The healing of broken families, Lysaught suggested, is the true moral issue which needs to be attended to and one the industry lot more difficult and urgent than the "antagonistic assertions of rights." It is a mission for those truly interested in a Christian commitment to life. The political fight seems like it will continue beyond Schiavo. But let us hope her legacy will be not just to get people to write living wills but to work to end the conflict and bitterness that exists in countless families over these very difficult issues. ugg boots short NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- U.S. stocks fell sharply Wednesday, pushing the Dow Jones Industrial Average beneath the 9,000 level, as investors devoted to the slumping global economy and it is impact on corporate earnings.One of many bright spots in a slew of generally bleak profit reports, Apple Inc. topped expectations and also stuck to its pattern of offering an outlook below analysts' forecasts. Apple rose nearly 6.9%. Fast-food giant McDonald's Corp. posted an 11% increase in third-quarter profit. "It's been a poor earnings season, and just what companies tell us is not inspiring. The news may be gloomy, and, as we believe executives, it will get even more gloomy," said Hugh Johnson, chairman of Johnson Illington Advisors.After falling over 400 points, the Dow industrials were down 337.31 points, or 3.7%, to eight,696.35 in late-morning trade, with all but one of its components suffering declines.Alcoa Inc. led the Dow's losses, off 9.3%, while McDonald's was the only advancing issue, up fractionally.The S&P 500 declined 35.77 points, or 3.8%, to 919.5, with energy, materials and telecommunication services leading declines that stretched across all 10 in the index's industry categories.One of many energy sector's greatest laggards, Consol Energy Inc. was off 17%."The third quarter of 2007 was the start of the earnings debacle," said Johnson, noting several.8% drop marked initially in 22 quarters how the S&P 500's operating results showed a loss of earnings on a year-on-year basis.6 months ago, investors thought there was a chance that year-over-year earnings would again turn positive in the third quarter of 2008, said Johnson. "We're down 10.8% thus far from <the> third quarter of 2007. The second piece of bad news is the number of positive surprises is down, and the number of disappointments comes to an end."The Nasdaq Composite shed 36.29 points, or 2.1%, to at least one,660.39.Volume on the New York Stock Exchange neared 424 million, and then for every stock rising, five were falling. On the Nasdaq, 399 million shares traded, and decliners topped advancers 2 one.Greenback gainsThe dollar pulled strongly higher up against the euro and the British pound. .Asian stocks were hammered, with the Nikkei 225 skidding 6.8% in Tokyo because dollar fell underneath the 100 yen level. .Working in london, the FTSE 100 dropped 4%. .For the New York Mercantile Exchange, gold futures fell $20.7 to $747.3 an oz. Oil fell for a second day, with crude futures down $4.04 to $68.14 a barrel in Ny morning action, after weekly data showed more inventories. .Wal-Mart Stores Inc. CEO Lee Scott, speaking in Beijing, said consumer spending gave the impression to have been on the mend during the last week and a half and said the U.S. economy would recover faster if energy prices remain relatively low.Treasury prices advanced, pushing 10-year note yields to two-week lows, as investors concerned about a global slowdown sought safety in government debt. Corporate newsPharmaceutical giant Merck & Co. Inc. announced 7,200 job cuts, Boeing said earnings fell 38% and Wachovia reported a $23.9 billion loss as Wells Fargo ready to buy the Charlotte, N.C., bank.AT&T Inc. reported a 5.5% profit rise, helped by 3G iPhone sales.Yahoo Inc. advanced 4.9% after saying it will cut 10% of its workforce amid a clear decline in quarterly profit. .U.S. stocks had closed lower Tuesday over a cautious earnings outlooks, and also profit taking from Monday's surge. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 231 points, the Nasdaq Composite lost 73 points and the S&P 500 dropped 30 points.By Kate Gibson ugg kensington boots black "Sanctions are nonsense," says one North Korean official of the punitive measures the Un is considering imposing reacting to Monday's nuclear weapons test. "If full-scale sanctions take place, we will regard becoming a declaration of war."The North Korean official – commenting on the condition that his name remain anonymous – said he doesn't determine if North Korea is preparing an additional nuclear test, nevertheless the North will decide whether or not to carry out another test "according towards the development of the situation."The North already is under limited sanctions imposed by the usa and some allies. The U.N. Security Council is considering broader measures as a result of North Korea's claimed nuclear test Monday.North Korea also has a message directly for the United States."If the U.S. keeps pestering us and increases pressure, we're going to regard it as a declaration of war and will have a series of physical corresponding measures," the North's Foreign Ministry said in the statement carried by the state run Korean Central News Agency."We were compelled to conduct a nuclear test because of the U.S. nuclear threat and pressure of sanctions," the statement said. "We are positioned for both dialogue and confrontation."The statement was the initial formal announcement in the North Korean government since KCNA reported the Monday test."Even though we conducted the nuclear test because of the U.S., we still remain committed to realizing the denuclearization from the Korean Peninsula through dialogue and negotiations," the ministry said.Wednesday morning's rhetoric – ratcheting up tensions because U.N. prepares to vote, with China now backing 'some' punitive action – came a long time after Asia was rattled by another event: a study that North Korea may have done yet another nuclear test.The report early Wednesday sent scientists scrambling to seismic meters worldwide – but within a short time, officials in the U.S., Japan, and The philipines all said they found no evidence a second test had happened.North Korea's No. 2 leader says that the decision of whether to carry out further nuclear tests depends on how the United States treats his country."If the United States continues to take a hostile attitude and apply pressure upon us in various forms," said Kim Yong Nam, president of the Presidium of the Supreme People's Assembly, "we will have no choice but to look at physical steps to cope with that." The Bush administration has asked the U.N. Security Council to impose a partial trade embargo including strict limits on Korea's profitable weapons exports and freezing of related financial assets. All imports could be inspected too, to eliminate materials that could be reconstructed as nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.In the excerpt of a Kyodo News interview, Kim also states that North Korea is preparing to return to six-party talks on its nuclear program - if existing sanctions are lifted.South Korean President Roh Moo-hyun meanwhile says North Korea's claims to be under threat are exaggerated."North Korea says the reason why it is pursuing nuclear (weapons) is made for its security, though the security threat North Korea talks about either does not happens to reality, or is very exaggerated" said Roh, based on Yonhap News.South Korea also says it is going to enlarge its conventional arsenal - if North Korea is confirmed to get nuclear weapons."We will supplement (our ability) to conduct precision strikes against storage facilities and intercept delivery means, whilst improving the system of having military units and folks defend themselves," said South Korean Defense Minister Yoon Kwang-ung, talking to the Parliament. no previous page next 1/3 ugg boot sale uk The 2009 Nissan Murano was the best performer in new crash tests of midsize sport utility vehicles, even though the Hummer H3 had one of the poorest showings, based on results released Tuesday by the insurance plan Institute for Highway Safety.The institute, that is funded by the insurance industry, said the redesigned Murano was the sole vehicle among the nine tested to find the highest rating right in front, side and rear crash tests. It praised Nissan Motor Co. to make electronic stability control standard for the 2009 Murano. "You don't know what sort of crash you're going to get into, do you want a vehicle that affords the best protection in most kinds of crashes," Joe Nolan, the institute's senior vice president, said in a statement.It absolutely was largely due to electronic stability control - a process designed to prevent vehicles from skidding uncontrollable, and increasingly standard in many and more SUVs, CBS News correspondent Kelly Cobiella reports. Nissan also credits better protection in side impacts.Gm Corp.'s H3 was the only real vehicle in the group that didn't get the top rating for frontal crash protection. Instead, it got the second-highest rating of "acceptable" for the reason that test indicated high odds of injury to the driver's right leg. The H3 also got an "acceptable" rating inside the side crash ensure that you the worst rating of "poor" inside the rear crash test."The Hummer H3 meets or exceeds all federal crash safety standards. The insurance plan Institute tests represent one measurement of crash performance," GM spokesman Alan Adler said in a statement.He also said the company designs its head rests to meet a variety of driver sizes, rather than the average-sized man used in the institute's tests.The institute claimed it downgraded side crash results for the H3, Kia Motors Corp.'s Kia Sorento and Chrysler LLC's Jeep Liberty/Dodge Nitro - which are built on the same platform - since they lacked air bags that protected the torso. All three had curtain air bags that protected your head, but the tests indicated a odds of injuries to the driver's rib cage.The Jeep Wrangler also had a low rating for side protection because its side air bags are optional and also the institute tests vehicles without optional equipment. The Wrangler was the one vehicle in the group without standard side air bags. "We really expected that people would see a lots of good and acceptable performers here, but there were three vehicles that have been only marginal or poor for side impact protection," said Adrian Lund of the IIHS. "And that did surprise us."In accessory for the H3, the worst performers in the rear crash test were the Mitsubishi Endeavor and also the Jeep Liberty/Dodge Nitro. The Jeep Wrangler, Suzuki XL7, Mazda CX-7 and Mazda CX-9 all got the second-lowest rating of "marginal" for the rear test. FYI: The entire list of how other SUVs stack up. The rear crash test measures the chance of injury from whiplash, which is the most serious injury reported by 50 percent million insurance claims every year. The institute said three vehicles - the Mitsubishi Endeavor, Mazda CX-7 and Mazda CX-9 - could have been top safety picks should they hadn't performed so poorly within the rear crash test.The institute's frontal crash test simulates a 40 mph crash and its particular effect on the driver, even though the rear test simulates a 20 mph test. Along side it crash simulates an amount happen if the vehicle was struck within the side by a sport utility vehicle at 31 mph. The side crash test uses dummies in the front and rear seats.

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