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piety shall mulberry outlet bath
nircanjpjrDate: PERŞEMBE, 12-Dec-2013, 4:09 PM | Message # 1
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mulberry keyrings A former follower of an polygamous sect leader claims she was acting to preserve her eternal salvation when she obeyed his command and married her cousin when he was 14.Now 21, the woman was married in a 2001 religious ceremony to her 19-year-old cousin, then followed the counsel of Warren Jeffs to submit to her husband "mind, body and soul."Jeffs, 51, leader of the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, proceeded trial Thursday on two counts of rape as a possible accomplice for using his church authority to coerce wedding.The bride was the initial witness in the trial and was likely to return to the stand Friday.On Thursday, she testified that Jeffs has long been an authority figure in her lifetime. In 2001, he was obviously a high-ranking church counselor along been the girl's teacher and principal in an FLDS-run school, teaching children principles from the faith.In 2002, Jeffs became church president, or "prophet," succeeding his father."The prophet was as God to all of us. He was God on Earth and his counselors were just about the same, so they had jurisdiction over us," she said.The Associated Press generally won't name people alleging sexual abuse.Prosecutors played a tape of an marriage lesson recorded by Jeffs in 1997 to stress the point that obedience by women from the faith was expected."Give yourself to him, that means full obedience to righteous principles. No midway, no holding back," Jeffs said about the tape.The girl first had sex together with her cousin about 60 days after a ceremony inside a Nevada motel, based on previous testimony in case. On the stand in the preliminary hearing, the alleged victim's sister said she experimented with reason with Jeffs, and was chastised for being rebellious, reported CBS News Correspondent Bill Whitaker. "It was just, shocking and horrific. She was simply 14!" said the alleged victim's older sister, Rebecca.The defense is looking to Jeffs' own words for example for jurors that forced sex is not condoned in FLDS culture.Throughout a 1999 sermon, defense attorney Tara Isaacson said, Jeffs told followers that a "man should only have marital relations having a wife if she invites it."The girl might possibly not have liked being married to her cousin, but "being unhappy differs from being raped," Isaacson said.Jeffs, 51, was obviously a fugitive for nearly two years and was for the FBI's Most Wanted list as he was arrested throughout a traffic stop outside Las Vegas in August 2006. If convicted, he could spend the remainder of his life in prison.Jeffs has led the FLDS church since 2002. The sect also has a presence in the West Texas area of Eldorado. Followers see him like a prophet who communicates with God and holds dominion over their salvation; ex-church members say he reigns with an iron fist, demanding perfect obedience from followers.He's not charged with being a polygamist, as well as the marriage between the cousins was monogamous. Still, polygamy casts a protracted shadow over the case.Polygamy advocates have long contended how the freedom to practice plural marriage in their religion is a civil rights matter. Members of FLDS, which broke outside the Mormon church, believe polygamy brings exaltation in heaven.The practice is banned in the Utah Constitution, though, and it is considered a felony offense. The Mormon church disavowed polygamy in 1890 and excommunicates members found to be practicing plural marriage.The trial is predicted to last through in the near future. mulberry trees for sale Shuttle program manager Ronald Dittemore, the clean-cut, straight-talking engineer whose daily briefings in the wake of the Columbia disaster won widespread respect, plans to leave NASA sooner, sources say, presumably to take a job in private industry. Calls to Dittemore's home Friday evening and Saturday were not successful and NASA officials just weren't immediately available for comment.Reliable NASA and contractor sources, however, said Dittemore made promises to leave the space agency before Columbia's ill-fated mission and the man had planned to step down as soon as the flight was complete. Those plans changed inside the wake of the Feb. 1 disaster and he remained on the job to help coordinate NASA's investigation from the tragedy.Dittemore's daily briefings lasted only a week before the independent Columbia Accident Investigation Board took over the public conduct in the accident probe. But Dittemore's willingness to share with you initial flight data also to answer questions in a public forum what food was in stark contrast to NASA's no-comment reaction to the 1986 Challenger disaster 17 years earlier.Even though some NASA insiders privately groused about Dittemore's openness, more praised his performance, crediting him with convincing skeptics that NASA had the best stuff to deal with the disaster."Let me say it is with some relief i welcome (the accident board) here," Dittemore said Feb. 6, in his final news briefing. "We need their expertise, we'd like their independent look at what we have been doing and we will work closely with (board chairman Harold Gehman) and his board."These five days have been exhausting to the team. They are difficult emotionally and physically. But we'll carry on and we'll continue our determination to get the root cause and do this as quickly and reasonably as we can."As a senior NASA manager, Dittemore would need a waiver from agency Administrator Sean O'Keefe before thinking about job in which however be representing a shuttle contractor in different future negotiations using the government. Without a real waiver - and they are rare - senior managers must wait per year before taking on such jobs.The specifics in this case are not yet known, but the loss of Dittemore's firm hand in the helm of the shuttle program will be keenly felt."He did a fantastic job, Ron is really a solid manager," said one senior aerospace manager. "One of his traits was he was not unwilling to make hard decisions. He made decisions that weren't always popular, nevertheless they were the right thing to accomplish."Dittemore joined NASA in 1977 as being a shuttle propulsion systems engineer, was a flight controller and eventually a shuttle flight director. In 1992, he was named deputy assistant director in the space station program before transitioning to shuttle program management the next year.In 1995, Dittemore became manager of toyota tows integration and served as chairman of NASA's mission management team, which oversees the day-to-day conduct of your shuttle mission. He was in the role of manager of the shuttle engineering office while he was named to exchange Tommy Holloway as overall manager from the shuttle program in 1999."The toyota tows is more reliable, more capable and more efficient today than in the past," Dittemore said inside a statement when he took about the program management job. "At the same time frame, with assembly of the station, the shuttle includes a bigger job before it than ever before. Even as do that job, first and foremost, my goal is to fly the shuttle safely and continue the tradition of excellence which has been instilled in this program."The shuttle provides extensive life ahead with the ability to continue to fly for several years to come, and we prefer to continue to make it as safe and efficient as is possible as we build the station and prepare for the future." CBS News Space Consultant William Harwood has covered America's space program full time for more than 15 years, focusing on space shuttle operations, planetary exploration and astronomy. Based at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, Harwood provides up-to-the-minute space reports for CBS News and regularly contributes to Spaceflight Now along with the Washington Post. He wrote this story for CBS News Space Place .by William Harwood mulberry outlet sale All their lives, the women in the polygamist sect in the West Texas desert informed that the outside world was hostile and immoral, and that venturing beyond the brilliant white limestone walls of the compound would consign them to eternal damnation.Now, when the state gets its way, hundreds of the girls could be put in foster homes, with what could be a wrenching cultural adjustment which could require intensive counseling."What they are up against is having to deprogram a complete community," said Margaret Cooke, who left the sect with seven of her eight children nearby the end of 1994. Your children "are so naive and they have been sheltered to the stage that they don't even trust their own judgment."Marleigh Meisner, a spokeswoman for that state Children's Protective Services, said the agency is working with mental health insurance and other experts to really make the children's transition relatively easy.Meanwhile, in court papers unsealed Friday, authorities said they found a "cyanide poisoning document" inside their search of the compound inside the town of Eldorado. But the 80-page product seized gave no further explanation.Texas Department of Public Safety spokeswoman Tela Mange said the document contains pages torn from a first-aid book on the way to treat cyanide poisoning. But she said she didn't know why the sect would have such information on hand.Child welfare officials seized over 400 children, many girls, in the raid for the compound of the Fundamentalist Church of Christ of Latter Day Saints, saying the infant's were in danger of physical, emotional and sexual abuse.The renegade Mormon splinter group requires girls at puberty to initiate polygamous marriages with more aged men and produce children, authorities say. The sect also teaches children to fear the exterior, including the very authorities who removed them until a court hearing Thursday that will help determine their future."You're trained to fear everyone and everything," said Cooke, herself a 16-year-old bride. Read Hari Sreenivasan's blog post from San Angelo. The children and also the 139 women who followed them voluntarily out of the compound are being so secretive that child welfare officials are experiencing trouble sorting out who the youngsters' parents are.The state is now scrambling to locate shelter for the females and children, reports CBS News correspondent Hari Sreenivasan.Almost all of the children are the offspring in the faith's inner circle - including its now-imprisoned prophet, Warren Jeffs - who were born since construction began on the compound in 2003, or were hand-selected by Jeffs to come to the enclave, which the sect regards as part of Zion on EarthIn 2003 and 2004, Jeffs, the spiritual leader of an estimated 6,000 followers in 2 adjoining towns across the Utah-Arizona line, plucked children under the age of 6 to bring to Texas without their parents, former sect member Isaac Wyler said."Over age 6 we were holding too contaminated for the world to be people to God," said Wyler, who still lives in Colorado City, Ariz., and has 39 siblings. "He picked the ones that would be the most obedient, the ones that would be qualified to go to Zion."Authorities raided the Eldorado ranch April 3 after having a girl from the clan made a whispered telephone call for help a family violence shelter. The 16-year-old, who indicated she was a few weeks' pregnant, said her 50-year-old husband beat and raped her. The woman has not yet been identified one of the 416 children and may not really be among them.Within the call, the girl asserted sect members warned her that when she ever left, outsiders would hurt her and force her to reduce her hair, wear makeup and also have sex with many men.Most of the sect's children have never attended public schools or worn modern clothing. The ladies wear long, pioneer-style dresses and keep their long hair pinned in braids.In their search from the compound, police uncovered many journals and other documents that includes birth, marriage as well as other genealogical records. That may help social workers match kids their parents.According to tax documents, the ranch paid a lot more than $400,000 in taxes in the year 2006, reports Sreenivasan. In addition to a cement plant and cheese factory, the hundreds of women and children could be another source of income.The hearing next Thursday will settle if the state gets full custodianship or whether they can return to the compound in Eldorado. shepton mallet mulberry St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock was drunk before his fatal accident, and marijuana is discovered in the sport utility vehicle he was driving.Police Chief Joe Mokwa also said with a news conference Friday that this 29-year-old Hancock was speaking with a cell phone at about enough time of the crash early Sunday on Interstate 64 in St. Louis."Mr. Hancock was legally intoxicated at the time of the accident," Mokwa said.St. Louis medical examiner Michael Graham said Hancock's blood-alcohol level was 0.157, nearly twice Missouri's legal limit of 0.08.Mokwa said 8.55 grams of marijuana along with a glass pipe reviewed marijuana were found in the rented Ford Explorer. Toxicology tests to discover if drugs were in his system had not been completed.Any sort of accident reconstruction team determined Hancock was traveling 68 mph inside a 55 mph zone when his SUV struck the rear of a flatbed tow truck stopped within a driving lane. Mokwa said there wasn't any evidence Hancock tried to stop. He did swerve, but too late to avoid the collision.Graham said the pitcher died instantly of head injuries. Hancock had not been wearing a seat belt, but Graham said the belt would not have prevented his death.Mokwa said cellphone records showed Hancock was addressing a female acquaintance at approximately the time of the accident. Mokwa said the conversation ended abruptly, presumably if the accident occurred.It turned out the second time in under five years that a St. Louis pitcher died during the season. Darryl Kile was found dead in his hotel room in 2002.3 days before Hancock's death, the Cardinals received a scare that some teammates said reminded them of Kile's death — Hancock overslept and turned up late for a day game in St. Louis. Hancock told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch he thought the starting there was a time later and didn't wake up until the "20th call" from anxious teammates."We counseled me a little nervous," closer Jason Isringhausen said the 2009 week. "We don't care in case you are late. That happens. We want to know that you're OK."Hancock, a vital member of the bullpen around the Cardinals' World Series championship team from 2006, was driving alone. The tow trucker was not hurt.The Cardinals played a day game Saturday, losing to the Chicago Cubs. Hancock left Busch Stadium around 6:30 p.m. and arrived about a couple of hours later at Mike Shannon's, a restaurant and bar owned by Shannon, a former Cardinals third baseman and the team's broadcaster.Hancock left Shannon's right after midnight.At 12:34 a.m. Sunday, the tow truck came upon the disabled Prism and stopped behind it featuring its yellow lights flashing to safeguard the car, Mokwa said. Seconds later, Hancock's SUV struck the trunk of the tow truck."If you drink, don't drive," Mokwa said. "Use a taxi. Have a designated driver. Call an associate."Graham said Hancock suffered head injuries so severe he died "within seconds." Also, he suffered severe chest injuries."There's nothing at all that could have been for him," Graham said.Approximately 500 mourners ended up Thursday for a memorial service for Hancock in Tupelo, Miss., recalling the pitcher as being a good-hearted prankster. Among the mourners were Hancock's teammates, coaches, manager Tony La Russa and gm Walt Jocketty. Hancock was buried Wednesday in rural Itawamba County, Miss.Hancock, who pitched three innings of relief in Saturday's 8-1 loss towards the Cubs, made his major league debut in September 2002 and played for four major league clubs. He went 3-3 with a 4.09 ERA in 62 regular-season appearances for the Cardinals last season, leading the bullpen in innings, and pitched in three postseason games.He was 0-1 with a 3.55 ERA in eight games in 2010.Hancock joined the Cardinals in spring training last season after Cincinnati released him for violating a clause in his contract. Also, he pitched for Boston and Philadelphia.The Cardinals postponed your house game the day in the accident against Chicago and haven't won since. These were swept in a three-game series in Milwaukee coupled with an off day Thursday. Mulberry Holdalls Bag NEW YORK (MarketWatch) -- U.S. stocks opened lower Wednesday, after having a report suggesting weakness running a business spending did little to offset recent jitters regarding the subprime mortgage market and hedge fund woes.The present near collapse of two hedge funds owned by Bear Stearns Cos. Inc. with heavy exposure to the subprime market makes investors more adverse to risky in recent sessions."The market remains really nervous state," said Peter Cardillo, chief U.S. market economist at Avalon Partners. "Bailing out hedge funds is not good news for the market, hence the pullback is still intact and its particular run has to continue for now." The Dow Jones Industrial Average was down 44 points at 13,292, as 22 of the 30 stocks retreated, led by the kind of Alcoa Inc. , General Motors Corp. , Boeing Co. , and Citigroup Inc. .The S&P 500 index fell 4.8 suggests 1,488, while the Nasdaq Composite lost 1.7 suggests 2,573.Bucking the trend among technology shares, Oracle Corp. gained 2%. The business quarterly earnings before special items beat expectations, as did its revenue. The gain was 23% above the year-earlier level. Economy, FedIn a sign of economic weakness, the Commerce Department reported that durable goods orders recently dropped by 2.8%, far exceeding december 1.7% predicated by MarketWatch, amid a 22.7% loss of civilian aircraft orders. The report's details showed orders for U.S.-made investment goods dropped 3% in May, ending a brief rebound in businesses' capital spending. The figures undercut the speculation that business investment will be robust enough to power the U.S. economy out of a slow patch that's lasted more than a year.The Federal Reserve, which started a two-day meeting on rates of interest, is widely likely to leave rates unchanged at 5.25%, on Thursday. But investors will parse the accompanying statement for clues about whether a rate increase or cut might be in store in coming months.Stocks about the moveNike Inc. gained 2%. The business's fourth-quarter earnings were consistent with analysts' expectations, while revenue would have been a bit above forecast. Wells Fargo & Co. fell 0.4% The financial institution has named John Stumpf CEO to replacing Dick Kovacevich, which will retain his chairman's post. Dow Jones & Co. Inc. , the publisher of the report, remains in news bulletins. News Corp. . Chairman Rupert Murdoch was quoted in a media report praoclaiming that he has no offers to raise his $5 billion bid for Dow Jones. He expects Dow Jones controlling shareholders, the Bancroft family, either to approve the deal "in the subsequent two, three weeks' time you aren't at all," Reuters quoted him as saying. the company's talks with News Corp moved ahead as each side reached a preliminary understanding over a deal to protect the editorial integrity in the Wall Street Journal. There is a new privae-equity deal. Guitar Center Inc. agreed to be bought by affiliates of Bain Capital Partners LLC, a private investment company, approximately $2.1 billion.Other marketsTreasurys rallied after the weaker-than-expected durable goods report, which adds fuel for the case that the Fed have enough money to cut rates, a move the bond market would like to see. "The bond-friendly durables plunge sent yields sharply lower to fresh session lows," said Action Economics.The benchmark 10-year Treasury note last was up 9/32 at 95-26/32 using a yield of 5.046%.The durable goods data was negative for that dollar, as it cuts down the chances for a Fed rate hike which would make the currency more desirable against its major rivals. The dollar last was 0.5% lower at 122.37 yen, since the euro fell 0.08% to $1.3436. Crude trending lower before data expected to show increases in energy inventories within the latest week. The August contract last was off 39 cents at $67.38 a barrel.Gold futures were pressured by the exanding risk-aversion trade, since the August contract threw in the towel 10 cents to $645.20 an oz. By Leslie Wines mulberry scarves Genteel and old-fashioned Wimbledon discarded among its longest traditions _ unequal pay. The All England Club yielded to Modern realities Thursday, receiving pay women the same as men and falling depending on the other Grand Slam tournaments.Six-time singles champion Billie Jean King, a pioneer for women's sports, said your decision was "a long time coming.""With men and women paid on an equal scale, it demonstrates to the rest of the world that is the right action to take for the sport, the tournament and also the world," she said.The U.S. Open and Australian Open have paid equal prize money for decades. The French Open paid the men's and women's champions the same for the first time last year, although the overall prize fund remained bigger males.Wimbledon will pay equal money through the first round from the final at the June 25-July 8 grass-court championships."I knew it turned out just a matter of time," defending Wimbledon champion Amelie Mauresmo said. "They resisted the longest they could. They have made the correct decision and they really had no choice."Wimbledon's prize fund will likely be announced in April. It'll cost you the club about $1.2million to ensure equal pay, an increase funded through operating costs rather than reduction in the overall purse."It's great news for all the women players, and recognizes their major contribution to Wimbledon and we also believe it provides as a positive encouragement for women in sports," club chairman Tim Phillips said. "In short, beneficial to tennis, good for women players and best for Wimbledon."Wimbledon cited a combination of commercial, political and sporting factors for your decision."We think now's absolutely the right time for you to make this move," Phillips said. "We possess a reputation both for the championships as well as the All England Club and now we have to look after that."When Wimbledon started paying players in 1968, King won 37.5 % of the check earned by men's champion Rod Laver. Recently, Mauresmo got $1.117 million _ 95.Four percent of the $1.170 million that Roger Federer received for winning the men's title.The WTA Tour had lobbied for a long time to get Wimbledon to adopt equal pay."This is an historic and defining moment for women in the sport of tennis, as well as a significant step forward for that equality of women in these times," WTA Tour chief executive Larry Scott said.The French Tennis Federation will discuss overall pay parity for that French Open on March 16.The All England Club previously held out against equal prizes goods principle. Phillips had cited that men play best-of-five set matches while the women play better of three. Also, some women can potentially make more money overall since they also play doubles, while the top men usually play only singles."I don't even think that the amount of time a thief spends on the court or even the closeness of the matches will be the pre-eminent factor in reaching a conclusion for this," club us president Ian Ritchie said. "We looked at the commercial factors quite definitely in the past, as much as the political ones. We look at it on the whole."Phillips said "broader social factors" played an important part, noting that 55 percent of Wimbledon's spectators were as well as the club will host the 2012 Olympic tennis tournament."The greatest tennis tournament in the world has reached a much greater height today," three-time champion Venus Williams said. discount mulberry Once an elite, respected newspaper, the la Times is now simply the latest old media company exposed to its knees and humiliated by a far younger and less honored online service, The Smoking Gun.Unless you've spent days gone by 48 hours in a cave at Tora Bora, you know by now that the Times publicly apologized for making use of documents that were apparently fabricated in the story implicating associates of Sean "Diddy" Combs within a 1994 assault on rapper Tupac Shakur."The bottom line is that the documents we relied on should not have been used," Editor Russ Stanton said in a story posted Wednesday night on the newspaper's Web site. "We apologize both to your readers and to those referenced within the documents ... and in the tale."The Smoking Gun said the documents seemed phony because they appeared to be written with a typewriter instead of a computer and included blacked-out sections not typically within such documents, among other concerns.Just like the fall from grace by CBS News; and CNN's "Tailwind" scandal, as well as the many embarrassments at The Nyc Times in recent years, this latest case is a direct result of the deterioration of editorial standards within the nation's old media empires.The irony here, obviously, is that one of the main raps against new media by old media was (and even just still is) that you can't trust whatever you read online.That's true, of course, but how have the new media news organizations fared in relation to sorting out the truth in the fiction that comes in in the transom?The answer is that from the comfort of the early days of the internet, new media companies are already far less prone to being "duped" (the word the L.A. Times' used about itself) than hold the old news brands.There was, for example, the TWA Flight 800 flap.And there were major embarrassments for your Wall Street Journal along with the Dallas Morning News in the Lewinsky scandal -- incidents that resembled this bizarre L.A. Times episode in one critical but rarely-mentioned aspect usual to all three cases. What's interesting is the fact that these old media organizations published their discredited articles not of their newspapers but on the internet. The Tupac story, written by Chuck Philips, a Pulitzer-Prize winner, was the very first investigative report published as being a Web exclusive, said Meredith Artley, editor of LATimes.com."This piece was ideal for the Web," Artley said. "The Web audience skews younger. We had all these great multimedia elements, so we said we really don't have to wait to fit this inside the paper."The story and related features on latimes.com attracted nearly A million page View -- a lot more than any other story on latimes.com this coming year, according to the newspaper.But just what made it "perfect for the Web?" One can't help but wonder what role Tribune Company owner Sam Zell's exhortations, reported here yesterday, to his minions -- "You 'effing' individuals need to start listening to your audience and present them more of what they want!" -- may have took part in this case.Now, as an alternative to counting his profits, Zell have to be preparing to turn them over to the wrongly accused Sean "Diddy" Combs. Somehow, I doubt this real-estate magnate will be residing in the newspaper business considerably longer.

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