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natal primate real ugg boot sale
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An estimated 30,000 moshing, crowd-surfing fans welcomed the controversial rapper Eminem with a Glasgow outdoor music festival. However when the audience surged forward, 45 individuals were injured, reports CBS News Reporter Gregor Craigie. Police said 11 citizens were taken to local hospitals and released after treatment. The mediocre ones were treated at first aid tents set up around the outdoor concert site.Glasgow Police Chief Kevin Smith said there were no serious injuries, because of concert officials and the quick-thinking rap star: "We look to everybody to help, and one of the most helpful people involved was the act himself, Eminem."Smith said Eminem calmed the crowd down, while security and first-aid officials waded in the crowd.Eminem, who was asked by police to be backstage until the injured individuals were removed from the crowd, was able to continued his show at Glasgow's "Gig within the Green" festival after a 30 minute break.The two-day rock festival was targeted by protesters Saturday. Religious groups said we were holding protesting against what they called the "anti-Christian message" in shows from the Detroit rapper Eminem and Marilyn Manson.Acts scheduled to execute Sunday include Iggy Pop, Green Day and Travis. © MMI Viacom Internet Services Inc. All Rights Reserved. These toppers may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. The Associated Press led to this report chocolate bailey button uggs Movie audiences who were so taken with Johnny Depp's unorthodox procedure for piracy in last year's hit "Pirates of the Caribbean" will be thrilled to know that Depp is back. His new movie will be the suspense thriller "Secret Window," in which he plays a blogger whose life disintegrates into a terrifying conclusion. Depp is shooting his next movie in England, where CBS News Correspondent Mark Phillips sat down and talked with him. There are few people in Hollywood who can make do with what Johnny Depp can. The actor has earned the authority to walk around in silly hats following the spectacular success of his last movie, "Pirates with the Caribbean." But, he's in a condition of showbiz denial."Movie stars are guys like Clark Gable, Humphrey Bogart, Robert Mitchum," says Depp. "Those are movie stars. I'm a guy with a strange job."Depp makes a career out of being different. His Captain Jack Sparrow act in "Pirates" stayed away from the old "yo-ho-ho-and-a-bottle of rum" stereotype, and might have changed the way audiences will consider buccaneers forever. And Depp's portrayal of tormented writer Mort Rainey in his new release -- the Steven King psycho-thriller "Secret Window" -- will also surprise audiences. In the movie, Rainey goes through a hard divorce and some other changes. You must see the film to find out more."For me being an actor, for an actor, a great, very challenging," Depp says of his character. "It's a genre I've never really investigated and its a very different kind of character … Its rare to get a script that you have a psychological investment in by page six, and each page its like, 'Wow. Where is this thing going?'"But then Depp has always had an attraction for the oddball character in mysterious movies. From what appeared like a mutant hairdresser in "Edward Scissorhands," towards the ghost-ridden presence of "Sleepy Hollow," to "Pirates," Depp has tended toward the bad side and not to take himself or his work too seriously. "Pretending for a job, you know, essentially telling lies for a living," Depp laughs. "It's a weird job, but I mean I've had weirder jobs. I sold ink pens on the phone."Now, Depp has been able to pick his roles and define these phones his own liking."I've been in this racket for around 20 years now, and you know you're going through phases where 7 days you're on the list, the A-list," explains Depp. "Then you're from the list for a month, or possibly a year, and then you're back on because there's a movie coming out that might excel. And, then the movie flops and you're simply off the list. So, sometimes the street is bumpy. Sometimes the street is smooth. It's all precisely the same to me. I just do my job."And that road will need him wherever he desires to go. Currently, he's shooting another offbeat film, "The Libertine." The storyline is of an infamous freethinker and rake. Then its a romp through a remake of "Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory" and returning to Captain Jack Sparrow and the "Pirates" sequel. All very exciting while it lasts, and why don't it?
Kenny Rogers' angry close-up with a couple of television cameramen put one too in the hospital and could cause a suspension for the Texas Rangers' ace.Rogers shoved two cameramen prior to the Rangers' game against Los Angeles on Wednesday inside a videotaped tirade that included throwing a camera to the ground and threatening to break more."Kenny has anger issues right now," Rangers gm John Hart said. "I don't know what's going on inside. We're responding to something that's very unusual."Rogers, who missed his last commence with a broken pinkie he sustained in an outburst earlier this month, lashed out in the cameramen as they filmed him approaching the field for pregame stretching. He wasn't scheduled to pitch and was sent home by the club following the incidents.The Rangers held a clubhouse meeting prior to the game to address the situation. Following the game, a 7-6 victory on the Angels in 11 innings, they lent their support to Rogers."It's something we are going to keep in-house," said Gary Matthews Jr., who hit a two-run homer for that Rangers. "It's going to be between Kenny and also the front office."Hart said late Wednesday how the team contacted Major League Baseball, and wouldn't say whether the team would suspend Rogers.Hart said he talked to Rogers and "Kenny obviously realizes his actions were incorrect.""His comment to me was, `I didn't handle this right. I'm frustrated. My integrity and toughness is being called into question,"' Hart said.The 40-year-old left-hander first shoved Fox Sports Net Southwest photographer David Mammeli, telling him: "I stated to get those cameras beyond my face." no previous page next 1/3 This commentary was written by CBSNews.com's Dick Meyer. For several weeks in a row there have been headlines like "Bush Approval Rating Hits New Low." Now, it was CNN's turn to break what is the news, with a poll showing just 32 percent who choose the president's performance and 60 % who do not. Poll numbers this way give Democrats hope. The truth is, most Democratic hopes lately attended from their opponents' vices and not their particular virtues. November will be the before that voters can punish George Bush i expect they will. I think that, however, is near the limit of Democratic hopes for the medium-term future. Their progress is decided by Republican regress.My hunch is always that Democrats will capture House and Senate seats however, not the House or Senate. And when they do, the victory will likely be fleeting and they will do poorly in 2008. Which is a hunch, no more, and I will. But I felt it as a certainty once i read a column through the Washington Post's E.J. Dionne soon. Dionne was arguing with a fellow liberal who wrote exactly what the Democrats need to do is destroy today's "radical individualism" and change it out with "a politics of a "common good." That's fine, Dionne said, but we must hear "more about self-interest, rightly understood." That phrase made me cringe. It still does. "Self-interest, rightly understood" is often a fancy-pants way of saying, "I know what is at your interest better than one does." It is, in my view, a politically stupid and morally diseased position. Democrats, by temperament, are slightly more susceptible to it than Republicans.I would not mean to condemn Dionne for a phrase. But I will. It reminded me of something written around the very first page of a book that lots of Democrats think is absolutely brilliant, "What's the problem with Kansas" by Thomas Frank. Within the third paragraph of his book, Frank writes: "People getting their fundamental interests wrong is exactly what American political life is information on." That, too, can be a fancy-pants way of saying: "I know what is within your interest better than you are doing."Frank spends the rest of his book explaining why people of Kansas go against their obvious self-interest and prefer Republicans and not Democrats. His explanations are fascinating and fascinating. His premise is intellectually totalitarian.Which could strike you as a rather extreme denunciation. It really is, so I'll explain why, in my opinion, thinking that you know what is in other's best interests is perhaps the worst political impulse that great people commonly have. Actually, that is certainly an easy task because it has already been for the ages and to perfection through the British historian and essayist Isaiah Berlin. In 1958, he delivered a chat he entitled "Two Concepts of Liberty." It became just about the most influential essays in political philosophy designed in English in the 20th century. no previous page next 1/2
A small-town judge with three wives was ordered taken out of the bench by the Utah Top court on Friday.The court unanimously agreed using the findings of the state's Judicial Conduct Commission, which recommended the removal of Judge Walter Steed for violating the state's bigamy law.Steed has served for 25 years or so on the Justice Court from the polygamist community of Hildale in southern Utah, where he ruled on misdemeanor crimes for example drunken driving and domestic violence cases.The commission a year ago sought his removal from your bench after a 14-month investigation determined Steed was a polygamist and had violated Utah's bigamy law. Bigamy is a third-degree felony in Utah punishable by approximately five years in prison and up to $5,000 in fines."When what the law states is violated or ignored by those charged by society with all the fair and impartial enforcement of the law, the stability of our society is placed at undue risk," the court's ruling said.Steed, who also works as a truck driver, scheduled a news conference later on Friday to discuss the ruling. He was paid a number of hundred dollars monthly for serving in the part-time judicial position.A receptionist at the Judicial Conduct Commission said neither the commission nor its attorney would touch upon the case.Friday's court decision didn't address whether Steed should face criminal charges, saying just that the judge acknowledged his illegal behavior and "has given every indication that they intends to continue his 'plural marriage' arrangement."Justice Court judges are appointed to four-year terms by city councils or county commissions. They're not required to have any legal training.The first complaint against Steed was filed in 2003 by Tapestry Against Polygamy, a bunch founded by women who had left the secretive colonies.Steed legally married his first wife in 1965, in accordance with court documents. The second and third wives were married — or "sealed" since the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints refers to it — to him in religious ceremonies in 1975 and 1985.She has 32 children by the three women, who're sisters, court documents said.Plural marriage was an authentic tenet of the mainline Mormon church, but the faith abandoned the practice in 1890. About 30,000 polygamists, who split through the main church into various fundamentalist sects, are thought to be living in Utah, the Southwest, Mexico and Canada. knitted ugg boots Distributors of Michael Moore's documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" are attractive to get a PG-13 rating, instead of R.A screening through the Motion Picture Association of America's appeals board continues to be set for June 22, just 3 days before "Fahrenheit 9/11" hits theaters. But the film's distributors are trying to move that screening around this week to expedite a choice, said Tom Ortenberg, president of Lions Gate Films, among the companies releasing the film.An R rating means those younger than 17 can't start to see the movie unless accompanied by a grownup. The MPAA ratings board gave "Fahrenheit 9/11" an R rating for "violent and disturbing images and for language.""I think the message from the movie is so important that it should be available to be seen by as wide viewers as possible," Ortenberg said Monday. "Frankly, I don't consider any of the images from the film any more disturbing when compared with we have all seen on the cable news networks along with the gratuitous violence that fills the screen of countless PG-13-rated action pictures."In "Fahrenheit 9/11," Moore depicts President Bush as asleep in the wheel in the months prior to Sept. 11 attacks. The show also accuses the White House of breeding anxiety about more terrorism to gain public support for your Iraq war.The film's images add a public beheading in Saudi Arabia, Iraqis burned by napalm and a grisly scene of an Iraqi man dumping an inactive baby into a truckbed loaded with bodies."It is sadly very entirely possible that many 15- and 16-year-olds will be asked and recruited to offer in Iraq in the next year or two," Moore said. "If they are old enough to be recruited and able to be in combat and risking their lives, they actually deserve the right to see what is going on in Iraq.""Fahrenheit 9/11" won the very best honor at last month's Cannes Film Festival for Moore, who received the 2002 Academy Award for best documentary with "Bowling for Columbine."Moore were required to seek new distributors for "Fahrenheit 9/11" after Disney refused to allow its Miramax subsidiary release it, saying it had been too politically charged.Miramax bosses Harvey and Bob Weinstein bought the show back from Disney and arranged Lions Gate and IFC Films to help distribute it.The film opens June 25 in 500 one,000 theaters in "every major city in the us," Ortenberg said.That constitutes a very wide release among documentaries, which typically play in only a handful of theaters.By David Germain
There are some early signs of basal cell skin cancer to watch out for: a bleeding spot, a pimple-like lesion that heals but keeps coming back, a mark that looks like a scar high was no injury to start, or possibly a new bump with a pearly surface. ugg tall boots grey I know the space shuttle voyage was widely covered in news bulletins, but I can't help feeling that we've become too blas?? about space travel. At virtually any moment, most of us couldn't say if there is a space trip in progress or who's manning the international space station and just what are they doing up there. We forget how extraordinary this is. Years ago, everybody stopped what you were doing to marvel when a person went into space. Everybody knew the name of each astronaut. I know it's natural for us to be less excited about the things they just did than we would have been years ago, but it's not their fault they weren't born 60 or 70 years ago. And it doesn't make them less heroic. You could possibly feel space travel is a foolish way to spend money. You could possibly feel it shouldn't be a priority. Maybe you're right. Try not to blame the astronauts. They just don't set policy. They just do stuff that most of us wouldn't consider doing to get a second.President Bush praised them as "risk-takers," and that was putting it mildly. Think about them in comparison to the rest of the population. We order salad dressing on the side, we're afraid to drive with less than 50 % a tank of gas, and our doors are triple-locked through the night. Meanwhile these brave citizens were hurtling through space at speeds countless times greater than a 16-year-old with a new license.After that takeoff, the world and the astronauts were advised that their spacecraft might have a problem similar to the ill-fated Columbia. This was like due to being on a plane and hearing the pilot say, "This turbulence might not be minor. It could lead to a disaster. But act normal." And also the amazing thing is they did just act normal. Superior to normal. In an unprecedented move, they fixed the craft.The astronauts really should not be admired just because of the physical risks they're willing to take. They put up with all kinds of things the average citizen wouldn't choose. We complain about a long five-hour flight. It will take them days to fly for the space station. When astronauts eventually fly to Mars — that they can will probably do in a few years — the flight will take six months each way. Six months without stretching your legs outside or breathing oxygen. Six months of not utilizing a regular bathroom. Six months to be stuck with people you work with 24 hours a day, seven days a week. no previous page next 1/2
(August 30, 1999) Rather than riders, inspectors were for the tracks of the Wild Wonder roller coaster today, trying to unravel what went wrong Saturday night, CBS News Correspondent Randall Pinkston reports.The Ocean City, New Jersey amusement park was turned into a scene of terror when a woman and her daughter were thrown coming from a roller coaster car. As the ride improved the opening 30-foot incline, a chain apparently disengaged, a security mechanism failed, and the cab plunged backwards, slamming into other cars behind it.Thirty-nine-year old Kimberly Bailey and her 8-year-old daughter Jessica died. The ride, which was created in Italy, had been open less than two months. It was inspected twice by state officials and passed both times.Investigators say there are a variety of things that could have gone wrong."It may be something to do with the way it was constructed or the maintenance or the way it absolutely was operated," said Bill Connolly, of the New Jersey Division of Codes and Standards. All of it makes a lot of parents and some young riders nervous."I'm not sure I'll let my kids go again," said one mother around the boardwalk."If it happened once it might happen to anyone," said Seth Calandro.Come early july, across the country, it seems to be happening a whole lot. Including Saturday night's accident, four people have been killed, and more than 70 injured in amusement park mishaps. August 22nd, a 12-year old boy was killed within a free-fall ride at Great America in Santa Clara, California. The very next day, a man died after falling from a stand up roller coaster at King's Dominion in Virginia.A spokesman for carnivals and attractions says the is saddened, but insists the is a remarkably safe one. This On the internet services amusement park re-opened late today, however ride won't be running again here come july 1st, and maybe not ever. mulberry messenger Most people believe they go ahead and take proper precautions when handling food. However when researchers brought cameras to the kitchens of ordinary Americans, they caught lots of serious safety mistakes on tape. Dr. Tom Shuster, from the University of Utah, put 100 cameras into 100 homes. "We seriously considered able to observe directly what individuals are doing in the kitchen," Shuster told CBS News Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel. "We introduced food to a consumer, had them make a number of different recipes. Then we took the tapes to our offices and looked at them."One of the women they observed didn't do a good job washing some utensils -– despite the fact that she wore rubber gloves."You see there isn't any soap involved there," explained Shuster. "One of the things you have to do, you soap, scrub those ideas. And that woman, even though she'd gloves on, she was thinking of protecting herself, she wasn't being effective in the way she was washing those utensils."Another woman they watched was making meat loaf. After she touched raw meat "she just returned and rinsed her hand a little bit in the sink and wiped it on that towel. And that towel is one area we really have a problem with.""She had raw meat and set it right on the towel and all throughout the rest of her cooking experience, she's using that towel to wipe her hands." Which means germs from the raw meat will probably be spread around the rest of the food along with the kitchen.Another woman incorrectly wiped up her kitchen counter. "When you clean a surface, you must wash it with hot, soap and water."Bryant Gumbel was resistant to this idea, but Shuster was adament about it.People need to use "hot, soap and water, particularly when it's been in contact with just about any meat in order to kill the microbes there and in order to take care of any problems," said Shuster. "You need to wash that down thoroughly. We found most of the people were just wiping it, again, with this kitchen towel."One of the worst things they saw was at the area of hand-washing. "Just about everything you could do with that, people did wrong. They didn't wash their hands frequently enough." Shuster says people should wash their hands after petting a puppy or touching their nose.These main tips they're advising people to follow are:wash both your hands frequently with soap and water.clean your surfaces with hot, soapy water.wash kitchen towels frequently or use sponges. "We don't know how many people are getting sick with food-borne illness because many of the cases are subclinical. You don't navigate to the doctor. And for you and I that could be okay, but in certain categories, older people, the young, some other categories, this might be very dangerous. And some of the bugs, they're receiving a little bit meaner and we have to be more careful even as we cook," said Shuster.Shuster laims he has changed his habits due to seeing the kitchen tapes. "In fact, everybody involved in this study has done that. And then we really have made some changes, so we want consumers…to just take a few precautions."
Urging more Americans to consider "an act of great generosity," President Bush signed legislation Tuesday aimed at promoting adoption of teenagers to move them out of foster care into permanent homes."For the sake in our children this nation has a responsibility to encourage adoption of babies at all ages, from infants to adolescents," Mr. Bush said in a White House ceremony where he mingled with adoptive families.The Adoption Promotion Act extends and builds on a Clinton-era program that provides incentives to imply adoption efforts. In filling out the program's extension, he said parents who choose adoption often "count it among life's greatest and happiest turning-points."Mr. Bush declared that thanks to financial incentives and a federal Web site, www.adoptUSkids.org, the amount of adoptions has already doubled."We're making progress within America," he said.However, obama said some 126,000 American foster youngsters are still waiting for a permanent home. Among other things, the bill expands federal monitoring of adoptions and supplies extra incentives for hard-to-place teenagers. The legislation was praised by adoption proponents like a positive step.Marilyn Waugh, president of the American Adoption Congress, told CBS News Correspondent Dan Raviv you need to encourage the adopting of teens."It's very difficult to place children more than one year of age, also sibling groups. When investing in over age nine it is rather difficult to find adoptive placements for these kids," she said.The newest law will give states money for them to reduce fees and help low-income parents afford the adoption process."For an adoptive family of limited means it can be a financial burden. This legislation is usually to decrease that financial burden," Waugh said. "It's shameful the amount of children we have right now in foster homes and we all do support this legislation." You can still see the raw burn marks on the floor where someone threw Billy Jack Gaither's body on a pile of burning tires. Police in Sylacauga, Ala., are holding two men who say they did it because Gaither was gay, CBS News Correspondent Jim Stewart reports."The initial investigation shows the cause of death to be blunt force trauma," said Deputy Sheriff Al Bradley. In details chillingly just like the beating death last October of University of Wyoming student Matthew Shepard, the suspects in such cases reportedly planned the attack after one complained the victim had made a pass at him. It was hatred of Gaither's homosexuality that allegedly triggered his murder along the banks of your murky creek, where the 39-year-old man was beaten to death having an ax handle and his body burned.Steven Eric Mullins, 25, and Charles Monroe Butler Jr., 21, were arrested the 2009 week and charged with murder. They may be each being held on $500,000 bail. Everybody Butler confessed Monday after telling officers he couldn't sleep, and Mullins admitted his involvement 2 days later.At least one family member denied Gaither was homosexual. Townspeople say it doesn't matter. "What they done to Billy Jack - nobody deserves nothing beats that. Something has to be wrong with someone that can do something like that to another person," said Marian Hammond, the owner of The Tavern, a bar Gaither frequented on weekends. Nobody's quite sure how many hate crimes based on sexual orientation you can find in America because no two states keep an eye on them the same way. In 1997, the very last reporting year, Alabama reported it had none - no hate crimes whatsoever."This signifies that there is a patchwork of different laws in various states and a different urgency in various states - and that's why we'd like a very strong federal response which is uniform throughout the country," said David Smith in the Human Rights Campaign.Alabama is one kind of 19 states with hate-crime laws which don't cover offenses related to sexual orientation.State Rep. Alvin Holmes has filed an invoice that would extend Alabama's law to hide gays. Holmes said he was gone after file the bill by the slaying of 21-year-old Matthew Shepard in Wyoming. The gay university student was beaten and left associated with a fence to die last autumn.The FBI said Friday it can be monitoring the Sylacauga burning, but leaves the case to local authorities.

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