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szjxiozkshDate: CUMARTESİ, 23-Nov-2013, 9:18 PM | Message # 1
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His presidency already at a low point, President Bush now faces a GOP move around in Congress to stop a plan he steadfastly supports: a Dubai-owned company's entry into U.S. port operations.House Republicans have united around legislation that might block DP World from overtaking significant management of terminals at six U.S. ports, ignoring a veto threat in the president."We are going to send an extremely clear signal that we wish to have American interests secured by leaders in America," said Rep. Jerry Lewis, R-Calif.His House Appropriations Committee planned to attach the legislation Wednesday to some $91 billion measure for states coping with Hurricane Katrina and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.Offering few specifics, Lewis said that his legislation would not select any one country or company but would effectively prevent DP World from operating U.S. port terminals.He suggested that he would be open to changing the legislation, as needed, to get the Senate on board and reach middle ground together with the White House. However, Lewis said, "we have a confrontation at the other end."A vote around the entire measure is expected in a few days, setting up a fight with the president, who desires the money but has threatened to veto any measure that could block or delay DP World having the capacity to operate U.S. port terminals included in its takeover of Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Co., an english company that holds contracts at several U.S. ports."The president's position is unchanged," White House spokeswoman Dana Perino said.Your house Republican maneuver to kill the ports plan is a direct challenge to a White House employed to getting its own way.Up to now, GOP leaders have avoided sending the president any measures he wouldn't sign. Even though he's issued threats, President Bush has yet to veto any legislation in many than five years in office.Then came the disclosure that this Bush administration approved United Arab Emirates-based company's acquiring Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation.Fearing security breaches in the era of terrorism, Republicans and Democrats in Congress have spent weeks lambasting the takeover that might mean a foreign government can be managing terminals at American ports. Dubai, the main United Arab Emirates, controls the company. no previous page next 1/2 ugg boots black A suicide car bomb as well as mortar shells hit Iraq's Interior Ministry during National Police Day celebrations Monday, killing 29 people and injuring 18, officials said. The U.S. ambassador and Iraq's interior and defense ministers were in attendance, but were far from the attacks.A web statement by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi in the name of his al Qaeda in Iraq terrorist group rebuked Sunni Arabs when deciding to take part in last month's parliamentary elections, saying that they "thrown a rope" to save U.S. policy.The attack about the Interior Ministry began with a suicide car bomber who exploded his vehicle near an entrance checkpoint. Lower than an hour later, two mortar rounds landed with regards to a half-mile from where police were gathered to mark National Police Day.Most of the dead and injured were policemen, said Ala'a AbidAli, the state run at al-Kindi hospital. Several police cars were destroyed, and the body parts were scattered on a lawn.U.S. Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, Interior Minister Bayan Jabr and Defense Minister Sadoun al-Dulaimi were among hundreds watching a parade of marching soldiers, police patrols and military equipment, but they were about a half-mile from the mortar explosion. It was not clear if the three remained as in the area when the mortar hit, along with the U.S. Embassy didn't immediately return calls.In other developments: Elections officials Monday canceled a news conference where they had hoped to announce more preliminary results or Iraq's Dec. 15. parliamentary elections, saying officials were auditing the results from about 50 ballot boxes. Results will probably be released after the four-day Islamic feast of Eid al-Adha, which begins Tuesday, said associated with Iraq's electoral commission. There are reports Monday how the French engineer captured Dec. 5 who had previously been freed from captivity on Sunday escaped beyond a farmhouse window and ran to coalition troops. Iraqi police said he was trashed of a car approaching a checkpoint. The U.S. military Monday refused to discharge any information or what role, or no, U.S. troops been in Bernard Planche's release. The Defense Ministry in Paris said the 52-year-old Planche would go back to France on Monday. The leader of Iraq's main Sunni Arab political group said after meeting President Jalal Talabani on Sunday that significant headway had been made in forming a government of national unity. "Talabani i have an identical point of view about the formation of a national unity government based on consensus," Adnan al-Dulaimi said. no previous page next 1/2
Israeli forces on Thursday took control of the remains of three abandoned Jewish settlements in the northern Gaza Strip and entered an area Palestinian town, creating a temporary buffer zone to stop Palestinian militants from firing rockets at Israel.The us government ordered the offensive after rockets hit the most important Israeli city of Ashkelon for the first time, reports CBS News correspondent Robert Berger. No-one was hurt in the attack on Ashkelon, a town of 110,000, nonetheless it infuriated Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, who pledged the rocket strikes would have "far-reaching consequences."Critics say it shows the Gaza pullout nearly recently was a complete failure.In other developments:Hamas gunmen holding kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit haven't released any information since Israel refused to satisfy a Tuesday deadline to discharge more than a thousand Palestinian prisoners. "We're not likely to negotiate," Israeli Defense official David Hacham said.Israeli forces battled Palestinian militants west of Beit Lahiya inside the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday afternoon, killing six militants, Palestinian medical officials said. The incident raised the death toll in Thursday's fighting in Gaza to 12.Israel suffered its first casualty from the operation when a soldier was shot inside the head on the outskirts of Beit Lahiya.Armed Palestinian groups needs to be called to account in the proposed U.N. Human Rights Council resolution blaming Israel for violence against civilians, Switzerland said Thursday. The modern Council decided last week to create examining Israel's human rights practices under western culture Bank and Gaza Strip one of its first acts. The anti-Israel resolution was proposed from the 57-member Organization of the Islamic Conference.Cabinet minister Binyamin Ben-Eliezer said the Israeli tanks and troops would avoid entering the densely populated towns of Beit Lahiya and Beit Hanoun — which are often as rocket launching grounds by militants."We don't have any intention of staying in Gaza, but if it will be necessary we will continue to use the pressure," said government spokesman Raanan Gissin.Countered Palestinian legislator Saeb Erekat, "I have no idea of what will this do apart from strengthen extremism, add to the complexities, enlarge periodic violence and that's my point."Israeli leaders said their purpose is to stop the rocket fire and convey back the captured soldier, there are no plans to reoccupy Gaza."We have no aim of drowning in the Gaza swamp," said Defense Minister Amir Peretz. no previous page next 1/2 mulberry handbags outlet In March, President Bush's adviser Karen Hughes was named to a State Department post made to change Islamic perceptions about America. Hughes is now touring the Mideast and CBS News State Department reporter Charles Wolfson is along and filing updates with CBSNews.com Sept. 26, 2005Hughes met using a small group of Egyptians who had studied from the U.S. She told them "it's sometimes hard to talk about difficult issues."Hughes also reported "we're open to ideas." She was written in context as one that most people here do not believe the administration's Iraq policy is justified.After ending up in Egypt's prime minister, Hughes said "I recognize policies affect people's lives."Several political and civic leaders that she met over lunch told reporters beforehand that Hughes' stated task of fixing the largely critical opinion of U.S. Policies in the centre East will be difficult.One publisher of your opposition newspaper, Hisham Kassem, said "in short term it's difficult to see how public opinion can be budged. It's a colossal task."Another, Negad El Borai, thanked the Bush Administration, saying "they did a very good job and proved their dedication to democracy is serious."From Cairo, Hughes flies to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.Sept. 25, 2005Karen Hughes met with two groups of students, one high school age, one other from American University Cairo. Hughes known as the recent Egyptian elections, which gave voters either candidates for the first time, "a step toward the democratic process." Hughes talked about Bush administration policies and did actually enjoy the give and take with the students. she wasn't pressed in any serious way by her carefully chosen questioners. Hughes' deputy, assistant secretary of state Dina Powell, an Egyptian-born American, told the students at American University Cairo the recent devastation to the Gulf region by Hurricane Katrina "showed that America sometimes needs help too." Powell and Hughes thanked the Egyptian people to the assistance offered following Katrina. Hughes said the Bush administration has created a "fundamental change in American policy toward the guts east," which for sixty years, she said, "turned a blind eye to democracy and freedom and only stability." Hughes said hello was good for the people of your country to be involved in choosing their particular leaders. While Hughes didn't hear much criticism from your groups she met with, others not chosen to attend the events were critical.Amani Fikri, who utilizes the opposition newspaper Wafd, told reporters outside one event that Hughes should tell President Bush "to stop backing non-democratic regimes in your community."While supportive of America and Americans generally speaking, Fikri said because the American people had elected Bush for any second time, it was "very tough to differentiate between the American people and American policies." A merchant, who declined to offer his name to reporters, said: "I do not like Bush. I like his dog." Hughes continues her meetings in Cairo on Monday then travels to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
At concern is what to do about stem cell research--the tiny cells that scientists say could provide miracle cures for everything from Parkinson's disease to diabetes. mulberry bayswater bags Pope John Paul II on Sunday urged politicians to defend the institution of the family against what he called grave challenges, an apparent experience of efforts to legalize marriage between homosexuals.The pope, invoking the picture of Jesus and his family after Christmas, said he was praying that the Holy Family "keep watch on each of the families of the world, especially those who face difficult conditions.""Likewise, help men of culture and political leaders to enable them to defend the family institution based on marriage and sustain it in facing the grave challenges of modern days," John Paul said, addressing pilgrims and tourists in St. Peter's Square.John Paul didn't specify the threats to traditional families, however in the past year he has spoken out repeatedly against countries and native governments that have legalized or are looking at legalizing gay marriage.Earlier this month, John Paul declared that attacks on marriage and family were becoming stronger and much more radical by the day.He has also denounced initiatives that equate unmarried couples with maried people by granting them legal recognition and social benefits.The pontiff also prayed Sunday for your victims of the earthquake and tidal waves in Asia, and needed international relief efforts."The Christmas holiday continues to be saddened by the news that comes from Southeast Asia about the powerful earthquake which struck Indonesia, with consequences in other countries, including Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia and the Maldives," John Paul told tourists and pilgrims at St. Peter's Square."Let us pray for your victims of this enormous tragedy and assure them of our solidarity for all those who suffer, in the end hope that the international community acts to get relief to the stricken populations," the pontiff said, speaking from his studio window overlooking the square.In his message Christmas Day, John Paul shared his fears about Iraq, Sudan along with other hot spots and expressed his hopes within a Christmas message Saturday that peace-building efforts will bring the world a more tranquil future."Babe of Bethlehem, Prophet of peace, encourage attempts to promote dialogue and reconciliation, sustain the efforts to create peace, which hesitantly, though not without hope, are being made to bring about a more tranquil present and future for therefore many of our brothers and sisters of the world," John Paul said Saturday, slowly pronouncing each word and frequently pausing to catch his breath.
There was no system for measuring how much--if any--medicine was going into the inhalers.The defective inhalers supply been recalled, but Schering-Plough can't get approval to produce its new version of Claritin, called "Clarinex," as the plant still doesn't meet standards. The FDA is letting the plant continue making inhalers and all the other drugs while it tries to fix its problems. mulberry shops london If you ever used Yahoo! mail must a potential employer to "evaluate" your resume, some may have concluded your grasp from the English language was insufficient for the task.Yahoo! Inc. confirmed on Wednesday the reason is e-mail software has automatically changed certain words — including evaluate — within a bid to prevent hackers from spreading viruses.Although company declined to list the language its software had been changing, an investigation on the technology news Web site News.com reported how the program changes "mocha" to "espresso," along with the letters "eval" to "review.""Evaluate," then, becomes, "reviewuate," knowning that job application doesn't look so polished anymore.A spokeswoman for Yahoo! said the word-changing program only agreed to be one of several practices the company takes to be sure the security of its e-mail.The problem with words like mocha, she said, is that along with describing a flavor plus a color, it is a special command within the JavaScript computer language, which hackers may intercept to launch malicious programs."Yahoo! was looking to protect against abuse by editing out certain words," said CBSNews.com Technology Consultant Larry Magid, "but the problem is, they're also changing the English language, and those that send e-mail expect their e-mail to reach you pretty much as sent."Aside coming from a general list of e-mail guidelines, which states that Yahoo! will require measures to insure tight security, the company had not previously disclosed the word-changing practice to e-mail users.While many security experts, including Alex Shipp in the e-mail filtering company MessageLabs, said Yahoo's practice would be a reasonable tactic to keep its e-mail secure, others noted that they can knew of no other e-mail services which were changing the text in messages."It looks in my opinion like it's just buggy software," said Richard Smith, who runs the world wide web security site ComputerBytesMan.com. Smith said companies typically intercept hackers by blocking certain underlying computer code, however, not the actual text of the messages."Yahoo! is protecting people's computers, but simultaneously it's also making people look a little bit stupid by changing words inside their messages," said Magid.A spokeswoman for Microsoft Corp. said its free e-mail service, HotMail, blocks certain programs code that may be used by hackers, without upsetting any of the actual words in the e-mail messages.Searches of such non-English words like "reviewuate" and "medireview" — changed from "medieval — produce 1000s of results on the Internet search engine Google, offering some indication of the way often Yahoo's mail system has replaced words.Magid said he tested it himself, and Yahoo! is just not changing the words "evaluate" and "mocha" now. "The message I sent through had those words intact, but you will find reports that this has happened in the past."A test confirmed those two words just weren't changed.Yahoo! was not immediately accessible to say whether or when it had changed its practices.
U.S. Army engineers used bulldozers, backhoes along with other equipment to dig through a rubble-filled crater Wednesday, wanting to determine if Saddam Hussein died in a April 7 airstrike on a house where he was believed to be hiding.The site was attacked 48 hrs before U.S. forces took charge of the capital. The U.S. military said at the time that it had reliable information that Saddam and individuals his family and entourage are there."For us to expend how much money it took to destroy this area, it must have been a key target," said Maj. Scott Slaten with the newly arrived 1st Armored Division, that's now assuming responsibility for Baghdad.An engineering unit with the Utah National Guard was excavating the web page and moving the rubble to a undisclosed location to be examined for human remains, Slaten said.America does not know Saddam's fate. Video allegedly adopted April 9 showed him atop a car waving to supporters in the Azamiyah neighborhood. But U.S. officials question the truth of the footage.It was not clear what prompted looking of the rubble. The New York Times reports U.S. forces have concerns that the belief that Saddam is still alive might be hampering efforts to stablize Iraq.To the six weeks that followed the end of fighting, the two-floor home in the upscale Mansour district — in which at the very least 14 civilians are believed to own died — was left mostly undisturbed.Now, crews were hard at work.Dozens of U.S. troops, three Bradley fighting vehicles and concertina wire protected the engineers clearing the debris.Officers said they supposed to be done with excavation by June 11. Crews were supposed to remain for another week to 10 days to repair nearby homes damaged from the airstrikes and to clean the site and surrounding street."There's nothing interesting here, just a lot of rubble," said Pfc. Walter Phillips, 30, of Chicago, as he stood near his backhoe close to a 15-foot crater.Iraqis nearby doubted if the soldiers would find the remains of Saddam, who they suspect was hiding at another house, just yards away."No, no — Saddam ran away. He's hiding," said Munther Meki, a grocer whose shop — its front window gone and shelves empty — is beside the destroyed house.Meki said Saddam's government rented a little house opposite the targeted building about six months ago and that official-looking vehicles were parked outside before and in the war."Nobody knew for sure if it was Saddam or someone else," Meki said.With the exception of the broken windows, the empty, unfurnished house appeared structurally undamaged. Its metal doors were held shut which has a heavy chain and lock, and also the interior was littered with smashed glass and broken bricks.The bombing on April 7 was a student in least the second attempt to kill Saddam. World war 2 began on March 19 with pinpoint airstrikes on a site where they suspected the Iraqi leader with his fantastic sons were hiding within a bunker.Last week, CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin reported the 2009 week that no one can find any bunker at the site. uggs classic mini Which are the chances that it will come back?
The F-22 fighter jet - an airplane the Air Force regards as important to maintaining U.S. air superiority - suffered a direct hit in the House on Thursday. CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin reports the House withdrew an F-22 amendment that would have put $1.8 billion in to the $266 billion defense budget which passed later inside the day.Not getting the money may prove a fatal hit for that F-22 fighter jet program, preventing purchasing the next generation of stealth fighter jets how the Air Force considers essential to future U.S. air superiority. "That expense is nearly $200 million for each fighter," says Rep. Randy Cunningham, R-Calif. "How many are we able to buy? I don't care how great the plane is."The sudden turn from the radar-evading aircraft caught the Pentagon by surprise. Eleventh hour lobbying - including flying inside a congressman to hear directly from pilots - still did not change enough minds, although man who flies it says it can't be beat. "If you combine the capabilities of super cruise, stealth, maneuverability as well as what I call a smart airplane, so you put all those together, this is a revolutionary change in fighter capabilities," explains Air Force Lt. Col. C. D. Moore.Absolutely suit how much of this is really needed in the event the U.S. already controls the skies. Air Force's answer is that without it, American pilots can't stay ahead of the next generation of foreign-made fighters and surface-to-air missiles.The budget still has to pass in the Senate, along with the president may well veto any bill which kills the plane outright. It may be in a dogfight, but the F-22 is not dead yet. ugg classic tall The world's top medical journals Monday announced a joint action aimed at keeping drug companies from pumping up the benefits and downplaying the risks of new medicines in research studies.A unique editorial, signed by 12 different journals and appearing in 15 different entities such as the National Library of Medicine, was prompted to some extent by what happened to AIDS researcher Dr. James Kahn. As CBS News Correspondent Sharyl Attkisson reported recording, when Dr. Kahn's study showed an AIDS drug have not, the drugmaker which paid for the study tried to keep Dr. Kahn from publishing the negative results, then sued him for $7 million while he did."We were really flabbergasted with that kind of response and I've never witnessed anything like this," Dr. Kahn said in January.Monday's editorial warns pharmaceutical companies must much influence over drug studies, leading critics to say some drugs might not be as safe or just like the published research claims. "That line relating to the author's independent conclusions and also the company's conclusions has been blurred," said Dr. Jeffrey Drazen, Editor-In-Chief for your New England Journal of Medicine.Critics allege drug companies attemptedto bury the risks of highly touted drugs like Fen-Phen for weight loss and Rezulin for diabetes — drugs that have been later pulled from the niche for safety reasons. The journals repeat the problem is there's now a lot competition among researchers for pharmaceutical grants, drug companies can virtually dictate the regards to studies... "...terms that are not always the best interests" of patients or science...(and) "...the final results...may be buried rather than published if they are unfavorable..." Coincidentally, the drug company suing Dr. Kahn for publishing that negative article, has dropped its case against him. To address the problem, the journals are tightening their ethics requirements. One reason they're so concerned is really because their own credibility is at risk should they inadvertently publish studies that have been improperly influenced by drug companies. The pharmaceutical industry answered the harsh criticism by simply saying it props up new journal policies.©MMI, CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved

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