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political excuse genuine ugg boot sale
ogdzxrijgeDate: CUMA, 22-Nov-2013, 5:14 AM | Message # 1
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The number of HIV infections has fallen by greater than a third among young people in southern India, the worst-hit region from the South Asian nation, according to a study published Thursday in a leading medical journal.The 35 % drop in HIV cases among people aged 15-24 emereged as the result of better prevention and not due to deaths from AIDS, researchers in the University of Toronto said within a study published on the Web site in the Lancet, a British medical journal.The researchers singled out efforts by the Indian government, the globe Bank and other non-government groups to coach sex workers and men that frequent them about the perils associated with HIV, efforts that "appear to get contributed to a drastic decline" in new infections.The study was conducted by a team of Indian and Canadian researchers who tracked HIV prevalence among 204,050 ladies and nearly 60,000 men between 2000 and 2004 in both the north and south of the us.They found that the prevalence rate inside the four southern states of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka, which account for about 75 percent of India's HIV infections, fell from 1.7 percent in 2000, to a single.1 percent in 2004.India posseses an estimated 5.13 million individuals with HIV, second only to Africa, although the percentage of those with the AIDS-causing virus is significantly lower than in many parts of Africa, where the infection rate is well into the double digits.Still, there are fears that ignorance and the stigma attached to the disease could hamper prevention efforts and bring about an explosion in new infections across India."HIV remains a big problem in India and we ought to remain vigilant," Rajesh Kumar, one of the authors of the study, said in New Delhi on Thursday. "We're not saying the epidemic is in check yet, we are saying that prevention efforts with high-risk groups thus far seem to be having an effect."In fact, another from the report's authors, Prabhat Jha, warned: "The not-so-good news is trends in the north remain uncertain and poorly studied."The survey learned that over the four-year period there was no evidence to suggest a decline in the number of men visiting sex workers — just that more people were practicing safe sex."What our study shows is the fact that safe sex campaigns will give you results," Jha said in New Delhi.He explained since HIV awareness campaigns began, the use of condoms among sex workers had increased 70 percent.The study recommends enhancing surveillance plus much more testing for sexually transmitted diseases.Even though the Indian government's HIV prevention campaign was targeting high risk groups such as sex workers, it was vital to take the message to wider audiences, Jha said."We ought to identify the hot spots; highways, factories, places where teenage boys gather, and scale up prevention efforts," said Jha. mulberry bags alexa Some men receive testosterone patches or injections, however, not all. Others are told to exercise more, take calcium supplements and drugs called biphosphonates, which can build normal bone.
"We demand more people to donate," Teperman says. paper mulberry A North Korean missile test last August came like a nasty surprise to U.S. security experts. One of several world's rogue nations had unexpectedly launched a three-stage rocket which has a range the CIA estimated at 4,000 miles. That three-stage configuration could deliver small payloads to the United States, which, despite spending billions in order to avoid such an attack, would be relatively defenseless to halt it. CBS News Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer Reports.Congress has become pouring billions of tax dollars in a missile defense system, but there's little to demonstrate for it, CBS News Correspondent David Martin reports. Could the North Korean test, the Pentagon was spending $3.5 billion annually on developing a defense against missiles. Now, says Deputy Defense Secretary John Hamre, "I think it brings a lot more focus and urgency to this."And it's not just North Korea that could threaten the U.S. Iran recently released a missile capable of hitting U.S. troops in Saudi Arabia. Yet the Pentagon's attempt to develop a defense that will shoot down incoming missiles has been lurching from failure to failure. "We haven't had any success in the intercept tests," Hamre says. "That's a disappointment."One missile is currently 0 for 5 in tests. Another missile, a souped-up version of the Patriot missile used in the Gulf War, has to be tested. But already that missile is projected to cost double the as it was supposed to.One senior military officer told CBS News it's "insane to be spending so much money and still have so little to show for it." Yet Republicans in Congress have demanded fraxel treatments be fielded as soon as possible. "There is a big threat around, and it's not one that can be solved by way of a national missile defense," says a physicist who was assigned to look into the nation's missile defense.The CIA's Robert Walpole agrees and adds there are ways to deliver weapons of mass destruction that will make missile defense irrelevant. "An aircraft, a truck, some package left somewhere in the subway; those types of scenarios," according to him. "Some of the countries have the capability to do those kinds of things having a chemical or a biological weapon." The usa survived the Cold War without having a missile defense because the Ussr could be counted on not to commit national suicide by starting a nuclear war. But how about North Korea? "What happens if the government decides to launch as sort of a last act of survival. You already know, that the government is collapsing?" asks Hamre. No one knows what would happen, and no on knows if the missile defense will work. Nevertheless the U.S. has spent $50 billion during the last 15 years trying to make it work, and it's also not about to give up now.
Mobile phone manufacturer Audiovox helped Rosemarie Barila lose 12 pounds by splitting the price of a pedometer so she could monitor her level of activity. EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana told a unique European Parliament committee Tuesday he previously no information that CIA agents interrogated al Qaeda suspects at clandestine prisons in Europe and operated secret flights over European territory.EU lawmakers, however, accused him of giving evasive solutions to their investigation into reported questionable CIA activities in Europe.Solana declared although he had no proof of CIA prisons or flights, the allegations were "not a marginal issue" for EU-U.S. relations. He called on Washington to supply further clarification on terror suspects allegedly held incommunicado."Professionally, within the role I have now inside the European Union, I have no information whatsoever that tells me with certainty that any of the accusations, allegations, rumors which have taken place in the last period of time are true," Solana told the committee weekly after it said data from your EU's air traffic agency prove the CIA has conducted secret flights in Europe since 2001.Within a separate hearing on Kosovo by a different parliamentary committee, NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer also said he previously no information about secret CIA flights or prisons. He was quoted saying the issue has not been discussed by NATO.Solana said the usa had already given assurances it does not torture terror suspects in detention, and he gave guarantees that no EU country uses intelligence obtained under torture."Some Europeans, myself of course included, would welcome similar assurances (from Washington) on incommunicado detentions," he stated.Secret detention centers and flights via or from Europe to countries where suspects could face torture would breach the continent's human rights conventions.Solana said he had no mandate to ask the EU member states that they handle the allegations, which the fight against terrorism was solely to EU governments, earning heavy criticism from some legislators."You have been in effect washing your hands from responsibility. You can not simply say this is through your remit," Spanish deputy Willy Meyer said.British lawmaker Sarah Ludford said Solana's claims in the lack of competence to ask member states questions paints "a pathetic picture from the EU."The parliamentary investigation began in January after news reports asserted U.S. agents had interrogated al Qaeda suspects at secret prisons in eastern Europe.Human Rights Watch identified Romania and Poland as is possible sites of the clandestine detention centers, but both countries denied involvement. no previous page next 1/2
©MMII CBS Worldwide Inc. All Rights Reserved. These components may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed A mental patient committed suicide Tuesday in Tiananmen Square, triggering explosives that killed himself and injured a South Korean tourist, Chinese police assuring media said. The explosion occurred around 4 p.m. if the square -- the symbolic center of China's political life -- is normally crowded with Chinese and foreign tourists. Immediately afterward, police cleared the square of people and closed it. In a statement distributed to foreign reporters, police said Li Xiangshan, a mentally ill man from your central province of Hubei, embark the explosion to kill himself. Li was seen to the police, having come to Beijing 4x previously to appeal to Chinese leaders, a police official said. The Xinhua News Agency, in a brief report, said a South Korean tourist suffered slight injuries. It identified the person who died as a farmer. The blast occurred at the politically sensitive time. Police are on alert for protests with the outlawed Falun Gong spiritual movement, a few of which have been centered in Tiananmen Square. Their last large-scale protest, 10 days ago, ended in a police melee along with at least 50 arrests. The police official, who identified himself only by his surname, Yu, said Li wasn't a member of Falun Gong. Yu and other officials refused to deliver details on what type of device Li used. In less than three weeks, the national legislature opens its annual session in the Great Hall of the People, a conference that often draws protesters to adjacent Tiananmen Square. Tuesday, Beijing's municipal legislature began its yearly session, six miles for the north of the square. After ordering people away, police walked in the line across the square from east to west, apparently scanning the soil for evidence or debris. Plastic green sheeting was erected around a lamppost inside the square's center the site of the explosion. Fifteen yards away, a dented trash bin lay on its side, its lid tossed aside. Law enforcement also searched a nearby patch of grass having a metal detector. Bombings are rare however, not unheard of in the capital. Nearly 3 years ago, two bombs exploded near a shopping center and on a public bus heading down one of Beijing's busiest streets. At the very least eight people were injured. Although disgruntled unemployed workers were originally suspected, security forces now believe the bombs were set by Muslim separatists from Xinjiang in the northwest. Two months later, in May 1997, police said a migrant worker used a bomb to commit suicide in Zhongshan Park, just off Tiananmen Square and near the offices of China's top leaders.©2000 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed
A six-year-old grudge over a debate in the Senate over slavery along with the Confederacy may blocking President Clinton's choice from becoming the next U.S. ambassador to Nz.CBS News Capitol Hill Correspondent Bob Fuss reports Senate Foreign Relations chairman Jesse Helms (R-NC) said in the statement Monday there is an "ethical cloud" hanging over Mosley-Braun and suggests even the government of New Zealand doesn't really want her to achieve the job. However, he said he might allow hearings to be held.She was nominated by President Clinton Oct. 8.In 1993, Moseley-Braun, then a Democratic senator from Illinois, led fighting renewing a design patent to the United Daughters of the Confederacy that used the Confederate flag since it's emblem. Helms had sponsored the measure. It had been a routine request, every 14 years, since 1898.Moseley-Braun is black, and felt the Confederate flag was the symbol of slavery.The patent renewal still did not pass."I don't think she [should] hold her breath until she becomes an ambassador," Helms told the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call . "She better try to find another line of work."Former Senators usually have a fairly easy time being confirmed by their colleagues.The White House says it assumes Senator Jesse Helms will "repudiate" the reported threat to bar the ambassadorial nomination, reports CBS News Correspondent Peter Maer. Spokesman Barry Toiv said, "It's difficult to believe that he [Helms] would support a nomination over a personal grudge."A couple weeks after the United Daughters from the Confederacy vote, Moseley-Braun said in a speech towards the National Urban League she had recently shared a Capitol elevator ride with Helms."He saw me standing there, anf the husband started to sing, 'I wish I had been in the land of cotton.' And the man looked at Senator Hatch and said, 'I'm going to make her cry. I'm going to sing Dixie until she cries,'" reported The Washington Post 's account with the speech. "And I looked at him and said, 'Senator Helms, your singing makes me cry if you sang 'Rock of Ages.'"Moseley-Braun cannot be reached for comment Friday. Helms told Roll Call Moseley-Braun must make amends. "At a very minimum she has got to apologize to the display that she provoked more than a little symbol for a wonderful number of little old ladies," Helms said.©1999, CBS Worldwide Inc., All Rights Reserved A study completed just a week ago by the General Accounting Office learned that computers at 22 of the largest federal agencies are vulnerable, CBS News Correspondent Lisa Hughes reports. The U.S. government's own hackers -- who regularly test home security systems -- were even able to break into critical financial systems like Social Security.The GAO's Jack Brock explains, "We had the ability to get into those systems, we had arrived able to obtain access whenever we should not have been able to, of course, if we had chosen to do so, might have taken control over those operations."The congressional agency says you will find serious security problems in and out of federal facilities. "We walk into open doors that have classified material with computers left on," Brock recalls. "We've seen the common: the yellow stickie on the computer monitor with the password on it. We've seen all that."Even more troubling to experts is always that former CIA Director John Deutch could have compromised intelligence by writing classified CIA documents on his home computer while on the Internet.Employees at Global Integrity in Reston, Va. allow it to be their business to find the weaknesses in computer systems by breaking in -- hacking -- using publicly-available software. "We could potentially be looking at every keystroke you are typing into the computer watching everything that you do," says Global Integrity computer security expert Eroll Weiss.Expert hacker Ron Ruprecht showed CBS News what it is done. He detailed a process possibly requiring minutes or weeks whereby, "Eventually we are going to crack. We're gonna find his user ID and password simply by brute-force attacking it."The victim is online somewhere, writing e-mail or browsing Internet sites, completely oblivious to the attack. Right away, Ruprecht scores results. "I can now see each of the folders on his drive," he admits that. "There's an interesting folder here called 'secrets' and a document called 'secret.text,' so who knows what you're going to find on there."This Tuesday, John Deutch -- the man at the center of the computer firestorm -- will be motivated to explain to the Senate Intelligence Committee exactly what level of risk he may have exposed the united states to.The committee previously asked current CIA director George Tenet why Deutch has not been prosecuted for storing the sensitive documents on his desktop computer when Taiwanese-American Wen Ho Lee, a former nuclear scientist to the U.S. government, is facing life imprisonment for having downloaded nuclear secrets on to unclassified computer tapes.
Since the mid-1980's, mammography has been our first type of defense in an escalating war against breast cancers, but does it actually save lives? Researchers in Denmark decline, reports CBS News Correspondent Elizabeth Kaledin."We are doubtful just what the balance between any possible benefit and harms are, so our suggestion would be that the whole basis for screening programs should be re-evaluated," said Dr. Peter Gotzsche.Gotzsche and his colleagues analyzed eight mammography studies involving 500,000 women. They figured that:Screening for breast cancer with mammography is unjustified and there isn't any reliable evidence that screening decreases cancer of the breast mortality.The study has enraged many American doctors who say it's not only wrong, it's dangerous. "I think case study is very flawed. The conclusions are profoundly incorrect," said Dr. D. David Dershaw in the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Hospital.No one has ever claimed mammograms are perfect. They can be extremely difficult to read and interpret. Still, we have finds 80-90 percent of breast cancers and doctors say it is simply the best tool intended for saving lives.According to the American Cancer Society, the cancers of the breast death rate has decreased 14 % since regular screening began. "The disease is diagnosed earlier -- not spread -- there's increased rate of survival and the death rate is continuing to fall," said Dr. Harmon Eyre of the American Cancer Society.Now, doctors come to mind any negative news will spawn confusion. "If we discourage women from having mammograms, what we will do is condemn some women to die of breast cancers who would otherwise not die," said Dr. Dershaw. Case study re-examined eight major breast screening trials. It was published in the leading British medical journal, The Lancet .Researchers found six in the trials were not properly performed, and the other two showed mammograms had no significant effect on death rates from cancers of the breast.The report concludes X-ray screening can be a waste of time and money. Doctors and medical charities are challenging the findings, claiming mammograms save a huge number of lives a year. mulberry anthony Examining the entire body, CT scan is increasingly employed by those who are not exactly ill but just worried they might be. It's controversial, nonetheless it can give doctors a look at the heart, liver, lungs and abdomen hoping finding disease long before symptoms emerge.

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