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http://fotoristo.com/uggoutletgood.html Air Force Maj. Jill Metzger was on account of return home Friday from her station oversees. Instead, she remains missing in Kyrgyzstan where she was last seen on Tuesday. Officials in Kyrgyzstan said she was not kidnapped but the U.S. Air Force hasn't ruled out foul play.Metzger, 33, disappeared after being separated from your group of servicemen while going to a department store in Bishkek.Jill's husband, Capt. Joshua Mayo, and his awesome father, Kelly Mayo, spoken with CBS News Early Show co-anchor Julie Chen on Friday.Joshua Mayo said he last spoke with his wife on Monday morning."We discussed a couple of family matters and then we discussed her trip going off the base and about her returning and all of the things that we were getting excited about doing," Mayo said."I just informed her to be safe," he said.Kelly Mayo described his daughter-in-law as "just incredibly lively, effervescent. This woman sees no evil in the world. There's good in everybody. She's incredibly trusting. She's an extremely innocent 30-year-old woman and she is truly the light of our life."Joshua Mayo said he doesn't plan to go to Kyrgyzstan to help in the search for his wife."We're going to stay here," he explained. "I believe that my place has arrived with my family. ... I believe in your government to get things implemented to solve this case. I think there's about 20 professional, highly trained, experienced agents over there right now rattling cages and looking on her. I believe that my efforts here are the best served honoring Jill's memory."In Kyrgyzstan, Interior Ministry spokesman Nurdin Jangarayev told the Associated Press that Metzger and another U.S. servicewoman were concerning a security camera on Tuesday afternoon because they entered the TsUM department store in central Bishkek. She separated from her companion three minutes later, he explained.In the next three hours, two calls were placed to her cellphone but neither was answered; records reveal that the phone was in the area of Bishkek's bus station when one call was placed, but was at another neighborhood for a later call, Jangarayev said. no previous page next 1/2
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http://fotoristo.com/uggbootsonsalewarm.html Sally Field has won two Oscars plus an Emmy as an actress, but much like the old joke, what she would like to do now is direct. Her directorial debut, Beautiful, opens this weekend. CBS News Early Show Contributor Laurie Hibberd has more in her own Weekend Marquee. Beautiful stars Minnie Driver like a young woman obsessed with beauty pageants and Joey Lauren Adams as her long-suffering closest friend. Hibberd caught up with Field and Adams at a screening room at Planet Hollywood.Adams declared that Field was quick to praise the actors."If Sally Field said it was good, it was good. Sometimes she'd get goose bumps. That has been the best, to do a take, give Sally goose bumps. The highlight of my day," said Adams."I think one thing I initially fell deeply in love with and stayed in love with was the smoothness, the Mona character [played by Driver], this also funny little family they cook for themselves," said Field.The cast and crew formed a family group as well."We had a great unit. There was a great little family," Adams said.Field asserted Driver gave a fearless performance."She what food was in those outfits all day long, just wearing heels the entire day and running down the street in the various things she had to do inside the outfits," recalls Field. But while the world of beauty pageants is easy to mock, both Field and Adams found respect for the institution, especially when they realized it sends more women to school than any other scholarship program.Moving along along with other movies, Hibberd says that Remember The Titans is "a great film, just the thing for Denzel, good showcase for him" but "it making you cry from start to finish."The film is founded on a true story. In 1971, the Alexandria school board integrated an all-black senior high school with an all-white school. Washington plays Coach Herman Boone, a prosperous black football coach chosen more than a white coach to lead an integrated team. The coaches took the youngsters from different social backgrounds and turned them in a solid and winning team. They and its student leaders are credited with saving the location from turning on itself.President Clinton, who attended a screening of the movie Thursday night, said stories like those who work in the film inspire him to try and end fighting throughout the world. "I only wish we will learn again the things that these men learned daily from each other," Mr. Clinton told the bunch outside the Uptown Theater after seeing the show. "They won a victory from the human heart," Mr. Clinton said.Hibberd shows that people "bring a box of Kleenex."CBS News Correspondent Teri Okita reports the Sundance prize-winning film Girlfight opens this weekend. It does not take story of a hostile teen-age girl who efforts to make changes in her life by transforming into a boxer.
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http://gcthulin.com/navyuggs-uk.html Steve Lappas was hired on Monday as basketball coach at Massachusetts a couple of days after he unexpectedly resigned at Villanova. He replaces James "Bruiser" Flint, who in 5yrs restored the program's integrity but did not produce a winner. The hiring was announced from the school before a campus news conference. UMass posted a 15-15 (11-5 Atlantic 10) record this year but failed to earn a party invitation to the NCAA or NIT tournaments. More important, flagging attendance in the school's primary revenue sport was dragging down an athletic department that had grown accustomed to the money a winning program provided. Lappas had signed a legal contract extension in July that has been to have kept him at Villanova with the 2003-04 season. But he quit following your Wildcats failed to make the NCAA tournament and lost in the first round of the NIT. The defeats rekindled what became annual complaints about his postseason failures. Villanova earned its last NCAA bid in 1999 but lost within the first round to Mississippi. The Wildcats were 2-4 in the NCAA tournament under Lappas, losing three straight years in the first or second round despite be seeded Nos. 3, 3 and 4 seeds. In most, Lappas was 174-110 in nine seasons at Villanova, with four NCAA tournament berths and three within the NIT. UMass had 11 consecutive losing seasons before John Calipari arrived and transformed the teachers into a national power. The Minutemen won five consecutive Atlantic 10 titles and went to the 1996 Final Four under Calipari, though the improvement came at a price. Marcus Camby, probably the most illustrious UMass player since Julius Erving, later admitted taking gifts from a representative, including $5,300 of jewelry and also the services of a prostitute. As a penalty, the NCAA expunged the school's Final Four appearance and ordered it to settle the proceeds from the trip. Camby and Calipari were gone then, having jumped to the NBA. That left Flint, Calipari's longtime assistant, to attempt to revive the program. Flint went 86-72, making the NCAA tournament as part of his first two seasons. But the Minutemen fell to 14-16 in 1998-99, and 17-16 last season, such as a first-round NIT loss.©2001 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. These toppers may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed
http://taniaroxborogh.com/uggplumdale-uk.html Al Qaeda's No. 2 leader urged Afghans in the new videotape to rise on U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan, prompting President Cash taken to denounce the terror fugitive as "the enemy from the Afghan people." Four U.S. soldiers died in eastern Afghanistan.Karzai also called on the international community to reassess its procedure for the war on terror, saying the deaths of a huge selection of Afghans, including Taliban militants, in fighting with U.S.-led forces was "not acceptable."The posting of Ayman al-Zawahri's videotape on an Islamic Web site followed a coalition military warning Wednesday that "significant violence" lies ahead in southern Afghanistan, where thousands of troops are fighting a deadly Taliban resurgence.The taped message was al-Zawahri's sixth this season and posted on a Site known as a clearing house for al Qaeda and also other militants' statements."I am calling upon the Muslims in Kabul specifically and in all Afghanistan in general but for the sake of God to square up in an honest stand in the eye of the infidel forces that are invading Muslim lands," said al-Zawahri, wearing a white turban and near a black backdrop having an automatic rifle next to him.The Egyptian-born fugitive otherwise known as on "the young men of Islam, inside the universities and schools of Kabul, to handle their duties in defense of the religion, honor, land and country."The 3 ? minute tape, entitled "American Crimes in Kabul," has been made the day after a May 29 accident when a U.S. military truck crashed into traffic in Kabul, killing approximately five people. The incident sparked anti-foreigner riots in Kabul that left about 20 people dead, the deadliest unrest here considering that the Taliban's 2001 ouster."I direct my speech today to my Muslim brothers in Kabul who lived the bitter events yesterday and saw by their own eyes a new proof of the criminal acts with the American forces against the Afghani people," al-Zawahri said for the videotape.Unlike al-Zawahri's previous messages, which appeared geared towards Americans, the latest video doesn't have any English subtitles. He spoke in Arabic, and Internet sites carried translations in Pashtun and Farsi, two languages widely spoken in Afghanistan. no previous page next 1/2

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